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The Best Hair Care Collection for Christmas 2022

The Best Hair Care Collection for Christmas 2022

One gift that keeps on giving is a good hair day — trust us on that one. Ask any hair guru and they'll tell you there's a range of ways to make that happen, from finding the best shampoo and conditioner combo to a ‘killer’ styling hair product. That's precisely why a hair gift makes for a perfect holiday beauty present. To ensure you give the best haircare gifts, you must consider hair type, hair needs and personal style, which is why we have developed six Collections tailored to specific hair concerns.

People get in a hair rut, often attached to what they use because they don't know what else works for their hair type — that's where YOU step in. One of the best things about giving a bhave hair Collection gift set is that it encourages your loved one or bestie to explore something new in their routine and venture out to different hair care products. The bhave Collection puts an end to their hair rut thanks to a range of active ingredients, paraben-free formulas and bond-building bioactive keratin technology. Whether you’ve someone on your list who wants to try a new product or brand or is already obsessed with bhave, the bhave Collection is a great option.

So, without prolonging the suspense, let us introduce you to the 2022 bhave Collection.


If you can't take a tropical vacation, at least your hair can with the Moisturising Collection! Bioactive keratin, macadamia oil, pro-vitamin B5 and aloe vera are some of the active ingredients founds in the Hydrator Shampoo and Conditioner that make you feel like you're in paradise. Perfect for those with dry, coarse hair that needs some extra moisture, the Hydrator duo will provide strands with instant hydration. Finish the shower routine with Riot Control Oil, a lightweight argan oil formula with thermal protective properties that combat frizz and, strengthen and replenish those strands!


All that constant styling and bleaching can take a toll on your hair, but this Repairing Collection will restore it just in time for the holiday party season. An excellent gift for hair lovers, the trio comes with the all award-winningRescue Shampoo and Conditioner and Deep Intense Conditioning Masque, all containing our bond-building, bioactive keratin that revives strands and rebuilds broken bonds. So, if you know of a babe with brittle or severely damaged stands, then this is the Collection to protect and safeguard their hair from future damage.


Created for blondes or anyone who struggles with brassy, yellowing hair and who need a little extra TLC, the Blonde Collection is a colour enhancer and strengthening duo. The Bombshell Blonde Shampoo and Conditioner work hand in hand to protect your colour whilst eliminating brassy tones. Violet Intense Toning Masque enhances colour by removing yellow and brassy tones whilst conditioning and hydrating your strands. All this miracle work is due to ylang ylang leaf extracts, lavender and jasmine, helping your hair become stronger, fuller and longer. As for the dreaded brassiness, violet pigments work to gradually neutralise and eliminate unwanted brassy tones, restoring that platinum, icy hue!


Who doesn't want thicker, fuller, longer hair? Designed to give fine hair a boost, this Collection includes Magnify Shampoo, Magnify Conditioner and Super Nova Multi-Purpose Elixir to strengthen and support strands over time. Curated for those wanting to cleanse and condition their hair whilst achieving volume, the Magnify Shampoo and Conditioner reinforce the hair whilst adding volume. This pair boasts some of the richest ingredients, including bioactive keratin, macadamia oil, evening primrose oil, vitamin E, pro-vitamin B5 and aloe vera working to strengthen and protect the hair. Use Super Nova Multi-Purpose Elixir to thicken and strengthen brittle hair, reverse damage, prevent frizz and promote hair growth (to name a few).



Curly girls and guys, this is your go-to if you ever want your curls to bhave! Seriously, the sulphate-free Nourish Shampoo and Conditioner will give your Kris Kringle a clean foundation, enhance curl pattern and replenish moisture. In addition, the Curl Defining Crème deeply nourishes, reduces frizz and adds extra conditioning due to a combo of active ingredients, such as jojoba seed oil, sunflower seed oil, murumuru seed butter and carnauba wax. What more could a wavy, curly, coily dude or dudette want?


Ideal for anyone with an uncomfortable, flaky scalp, dandruff or scalp irritation, the Soothing Collection will gently cleanse the hair and scalp while providing relief from itching, discomfort, and flakiness. Scalp Shampoo cleans, soothes, moisturises, and purifies the scalp to calm irritation and inflammation. It leaves the hair with a feeling of lightness while the scalp is rid of itchiness and discomfort. Paired with our Rescue Conditioner, your Christmas gift receiver will be delighted by the strengthening and bond-building results. Lastly, the Smoothing Collection holds Super Nova Multi-Purpose Elixir, because it is so universal. Containing over 11 natural fruit and vegetable extracts as well as anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial rosemary, chamomile, fennel & apple extract, your scalp will feel smoothed and relaxed.

Have you found what you’re looking for? Then what are you waiting for! Get the perfect Christmas Collection at your nearest bhave salon. If you need the address to the nearest bhave salon, simply email or slide in our DMs on social media.

Remember, variety is the spice of life and our bhave Collections keep your gifting personalised for everyone you gift, showing your thoughtfulness and consideration for them.

We are proud to partner with OC Connections who pack our gift box collections every year (and many other bhave products). OC Connections is a specialised disability support provider working with people living with disability to create their own meaningful lives through daily activity, work and community.

yours in beautiful hair x