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10 Steps To Being Fluent In “Hairdresser”

10 Steps To Being Fluent In “Hairdresser”

“Parlez-vous coiffeur? Do you speak hairdresser?”

In our opinion a bad haircut is just as painful as a break up! You invest time and money into making yourself feel good, for it all to come crashing down due to your inability to speak their language. Last week we wrote about how to find your “NBS” - new best stylist and whilst we aren’t A Grade “boy” translators, we know a thing or two about hair so listen up! Avoid any freak-outs, meltdowns or OMG salon moments with these 10 steps to speaking “hairdresser!”

1. Don’t let your hairdresser go in blind!

How is your hairdresser supposed to know how to cut and style your hair without first getting to see how you wear it day by day? This is why a consultation prior to committing to an appointment is a MUST! However, ensuring that your stylist sees you before heading off for your relaxing shampoo and head massage is just as important so you can address any questions prior to undergoing the chop.

2. Delete the adjectives.

There is a pretty famous book called To Kill a Mocking Bird that taught us to “delete the adjectives”. We had no idea what dear Harper Lee meant by this until we delved into the tricky territory of bangs - you’ve got to KILL the adjectives babe. A few simple words could be the difference between the best cut of your life and a hair nightmare so get specific about what you want. Your stylist won’t mind if it takes you a few tries to explain exactly what you mean, remembering to…

3. Explain the problem, NOT the solution.

We’re telling you lists are great! Our ASOS, Amazon and Sephora wish lists are out of this world, so why stop there? By creating a list of problems you experienced with your last haircut /style you can provide your hairdresser with valuable insights so they know exactly what you’re looking for and more importantly, you leave the salon feeling fierce. Don’t ask for more layers, guessing they will give you more volume - leave it to the professionals and cut to the root of your hair problems!

4. Bring #hairinspo.

Something inspired you to visit the salon so remember to share that vision with your stylist. Whether it be a celebrity’s latest red carpet look, or a random with great hair that you found on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest, photographs are a terrific starting point to help relate to the hair texture you desire, colours you adore and silhouettes that inspire you.

5. Be prepared for your hairdresser’s honest opinion.

Our Mothers taught us that honesty is the best policy, and girl…some people need to learn how to take it! Your dream hairstyle just might not fit the hair you were born with and that’s okay! It is your hair stylist’s job to evaluate and educate you on the best hairstyles to suit you. A good stylist won’t try to do the impossible, they’ll either tell you steps that can be taken to achieve a certain style or explain why your hair type just can’t achieve it. If you take one thing away from reading this it’s please listen to them and avoid the heartbreak of a bad haircut.

6. STOP! Are you sure you want to tell your stylist to take it short?

“Short” is an abstract concept. It can mean hair down to the arch of your back or all the way up to a pixie cut. There is no measurement that comes with can “I go shorter” so to avoid having a freak-out after losing too much length, ask your stylist to show you how much they’re going to take off. Remember, your stylist wants you to leave happy so don’t hesitate to ask them as many questions as you can before they cut into your hair.

7. Your front, back and sides all need some love.

Throughout your haircut your stylist should be giving you a “guided tour” exploring how they plan to shape the front, back and sides of your hair to create your desired look. If this is not happening, then make sure to ask questions to ensure your stylist is giving your entire head of hair the attention it requires. If you have a preference of lengths in certain areas, don’t hesitate to tell your stylist. You’ve been rocking your unique look for years so you are more than qualified to have an opinion on your haircut!

8. Salon professional products make the magic happen!

You may think your hairdresser is a hair magician, but at the end of the day part of the reason your hair looks so good when you leave the salon is because of their quality salon professional products they use. If you’re yet to find a stylist that works magic with your hair then maybe today’s the day you use our salon locator to find the one! Whilst there are many hair care products in the market it pays to invest in your hair. Take the opportunity while you’re sitting in your stylists chair to find out what they’re using, what they like and what they recommend you should use to achieve the same salon professional results day after day, so your hairstyle can continue to slay weeks after you sashay away!

9. Be that “annoying” client.

Being armed with as much information as possible ensures that you’re not only ready to understand complex “hairdresser” talk, but that you’ll achieve the desired hair results you’ve set out to. You won’t offend your hairstylist with your questions as it helps you both gain a better understanding of the desired result, and at the end of the day…

10. It’s your hair, your life and your rules!

TIP: “If you can articulate how your hair relates to your lifestyle and how much time you’d like to spend on your hair, these details are really the best way to ensure we will create the most appropriate look.”e.g. If you’re a ponytail-n-go kind of girl, don’t ask for a hairstyle that’ll take you two hours to get right. It’ll only frustrate you later down the line!”

Before you even get to the salon, let your stylist know if you’re low or high maintenance. Whilst you might cringe at the thought of saying it, you never hesitate telling the hairdresser how to do their job do you? - No, and that’s how it should be! Remember, it’s your hair, your life and your rules that make you the beautiful individual you are.