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2017...The Hair Year In Review (Part Two)

Our Top Picks for Cuts and Styles in 2017

The year has nearly drawn to a close and while we cannot WAIT for what’s to come in 2018, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect upon some of our fave cuts and styles in 2017 that we are more than happy to take into our new year.


When you hear the word ‘shag’ your mind may wander to the gutter or to the feathered hairdos of the ‘70s and iconic celebrities, such as Jane Fonda and Mick Jagger. Notoriously a unisex haircut, this hairdo had a remix in the 1990s, when Jennifer Aniston popularised ‘The Rachel’, and again in the early 2000s thanks to Meg Ryan. Well, it’s made another comeback, and 2017 saw the rise to the MODERN SHAG, which we ADORE!

This look is sexy and versatile and is suitable for those with straight, wavy, long or short hair (yep, basically everyone!).

Mother to London-based fashion powerhouse, Alexa Chung shows us that the ‘Shag’ is on-trend and simply gorge!

So how do you achieve this chic look? Easy! With the help of bhave of course! Use Gunpowder Dust for that instant boost from the roots, Flex Styling Paste to smooth and hold, Volumising Foam to serve up body, and Fresh Ends to seal, protect and nourish misbehaving split ends.


Once upon a time, it was hard to find celebrities in the spotlight rocking their natural curls. 2017 saw more and more babes around the globe embracing their roots and learning to love what they’ve got. Alicia Keys was seen rocking this look (as well as her gorgeous bare face) and we are fangirling BIG TIME! 

or those blessed with some spring in your strands, embracing your curls in all their wild and gorgeous glory may seem like it’s not for the faint-hearted. So while taking care of your curls may seem like extra work- we’ve got you covered!

Our luxurious Leave-In Creme softens, nourishes and helps control unruly locks, while our Curl Defining Creme provides extra conditioning, while beefing up your natural curls and simultaneously banishing unwanted frizz. 


Ready to shake things up and trade in your uber long locks for something fresh and new? The shoulder-length ‘do is the perfect mix between long and short and it’s easy to see why its popularity has boomed in 2017.

The oh-so-gorgeous Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was one of the many who rocked this enviable look this year and just between us- we predict this look isn’t going anywhere, anytime soon!

Wear it straight and sleek or add some gorgeous texture- this is a look that suits all hair types and ages!

To pull it off, you will need a great hairdresser, our Gunpowder Dust, Volumising Foam, and Fresh Ends. By cocktailing these ingredients you will be ready to rock this look with confidence.


The bob is one of those few hairstyles that never really goes out of style. And while you may have thought that this wonderful creation didn’t need any improvements, 2017 well and truly delivered. While many women resist opting for a bob out of fear that it will grow back looking drab, the Lob is the miracle solution we’ve all been waiting on. The Lob (or long bob) manages to be universally flattering on all hair types and face shapes. For those rocking straight locks with fine or thick hair- we recommend the chin-length bob!

We’d be lying if we said the first person who came to mind for this fab’ look wasn’t bronzed babe, Lara Worthington, who has long iconised this dreamy look.

We’re still pinching ourselves each day wondering why we’ve woken up ourselves and not Lara, but don’t worry because us mere mortals can pull off this look in a cinch, thanks to bhave’s Gunpowder Dust, Super Nova wonder spray, and a pump of Volumising Foam, you can now channel your inner Lara!!


You may not believe in life after love (sorry- we couldn’t resist!), but you better believe that Cher’s iconic, long straight locks, parted down the middle is coming back in a big way. Kim Kardashian was seen sporting this look in 2017 and we love-love-LOVE! While you may need length to pull off Kimmy’s long look, you can rock the middle part no matter what your hair length and still feel like a rockstar.

his look can be pulled off with the help of our Flex Styling Paste, Riot Control Oil- which keeps frizz in line while adding sensational shine, add Leave-In Creme, and top it off with Fresh Ends.


At bhave, we’re not much for playing by the rules. Short hair, especially on women, achieves unparalleled edge and never goes out of fashion. Depending on your taste (and mood), this look can be worn sleek, texturised and accompany any hair colour.

Kristen Stewart is our pick for our favourite celeb’ who rocked this look in 2017! 

ake a statement with the help of sleek Pomade and/or Gunpowder Dust and Flex Styling Paste. It’s really your hair, your life and your rules.

Whichever style you loved this year, you can love again next because we’re only a few short weeks away from the New Year and these looks aren’t going anywhere!!


Going into 2018 and feeling like a change? To guarantee you get the most of your hairstyle, don’t ignore your natural hair texture and density. Remembering what you have to work with will give you a hairstyle that not only looks AMAZING, it will also make it easier to style and look after.