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5 Hair Trends To Try Now (Thank Us Later)

5 Hair Trends To Try Now (Thank Us Later)

We’re not exactly sure how we got here, but May is already upon us! Seasons are changing and our urge to freshen up our style is hitting hard… but where to start? YOUR HAIR OBVIOUSLY!

Freshening up your locks, whether it be a simple styling update or a full colour makeover, can be as transformative as a full wardrobe overhaul, and we have all the trends you need to know about right here!

We’ve pulled together the 5 hottest hair trends that we’ll be seeing this year and all you need to do is pick the one for you.


2019 is officially the year of hair accessories for adults! Bows, ribbons, headbands and barrettes - our childhood accessories are making one glamorous return.

Want to add a dash of glamour to your locks? Add a single hair clip, or stack those beauties, to instantly lift your style game!

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Feel like you do the same thing with your locks every day, but don’t have the time to get the styling tools out? Opt for a headband and go from the mundane to a luce mane!

One of our favourite beauty muses, Zoe Foster-Blake, has been stepping out on the regular with hair clips and barrettes as her accessory of choice, and we’re obsessed EVERY.SINGLE. TIME! Zoe says, “As a dedicated fringe-grower-outerer, I am so much on the hair clip wagon right now I am basically up front with the dang horses. Fun fact: you can also use them for not fringes. Onya”.

Whether it’s a fringe SOS or not, upping your hair game has never been easier!

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Those of us who are hair obsessed (if you’re reading this you probably fall into that category) may have seen the “glass hair” finish trending on Instagram late last year, and ladies get prepared to see a lot more of it!

Think locks so shiny you might just see your reflection in them! For this look hair needs to be undeniably smooth and shiny.... meaning NO FRIZZ!

Img via @kimkardashian

For a frizz-free mane, that also takes half the time to style, opt for a keratin smoothing treatment at one of the many salons that offer our signature treatments.

With frizz neutralised continue after care with our salon-professional home care range to prolong results, whilst caring for the health and integrity of your mane! A key to that super shiny finish will also be in the products you use. We recommend starting with super nova elixir after washing, on towel dried hair, and finishing with riot control oilfrizz control creme or sleek pomade for that extra smooth finish and a shine that won’t quit.

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This year we’re heading to Northern Europe for our Autumn/Winter hair inspo… to the Nordics to be exact!

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For some while the warming effects of ombré and balayage locks have been leading hair trends, but we’re seeing a complete 180 with Scandi blonde taking centre stage (every stage actually…). From fashion to beauty, and everyday street style, inspo for this trend seems to be everywhere we look! 

Img via

Although these locks are technically speaking platinum, there is a misconception that there is only one shade of white in this hair colour spectrum - but think again! The Scandi girl has the purest of blonde locks, "The 'Scandi blonde' trend is what I consider to be the purest of blonde, almost pearl white," Michael Canalé, of Canalé Salons, told . "Scandi refers to a clean, fresh, icy look. It suits cooler and more fair skin tones.". Try our new intense toning masque to banish those brassy tones to more cooler silver, ash, platinum tones. Tribe, if you’ve ever dreamt of being an Ice Queen now is the time to do it!


We’ve never been the type of tribe to shy away from a bit (...a lot) of volume in our locks, and ladies we’re here to give you the all clear to start building up and out!

The rule for this one? More is more! If you need some quality inspo, jump on Stan and get cosy with Fran Drescher in The Nanny.. the only type of homework we’ll ever give you!

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If a lack of volume in your mane has been concerning you we have the perfect at home range to get your locks serving ALL.THAT.BODY! Start with magnify shampoo and conditioner for a lightweight formula that will nourish your locks without weighing them down. Next grab our newest kid on the block, tease me volumising & texture shake and apply to washed, damp hair, for volume and body! Remember a little goes a long way – and shake well to activate.


Statement hair comes in many colours and cuts these days, but one of the hottest and boldest styles getting attention this year is the androgynous crop.

Long locks aren’t going anywhere anytime soon, but this versatile style is the 2019 equivalent of the Twiggy pixie - iconic!

Img via @jesinta_franklin

The key to this look is to keep it raw and textured, while allowing natural movement. Luckily for you versatility and flexible movement is exactly what our flex styling paste is all about.

We’ve given you the trends, and how to nail them, now it’s your turn to give them a go! Whether you jump fully in, or just incorporate elements to make them your own, remember it’s YOUR HAIR, YOUR LIFE, YOUR RULES!

bhave xx