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5 steps to finding the right hairstylist for you

Here at bhave we have major commitment issues - boys, diets, exercise…we always want to live by our own rules! This rebellious nature always comes with its perks, though we will always bend our knees for the perfect hairstylist. We’ve all dived into that abyss of uncertainty only to walk out with a colour gone wrong, as if we were shorn, probably with a sniffly nose and some tears. If we wanted these kind of results we’d have picked up a box dye from the supermarket or cut our own hair over the bathroom sink! Whether you’ve recently moved to a new city, your stylist is moving away or you suffer from major commitment issues like us, we’ve got five steps to ensure you find the right hairstylist for you!


John Lennon and Paul McCartney got by with a little help from a friend (or two…) so why can’t you! Finding the right hairstylist can be as easy as asking a friend. If a certain cut or colour on a friend (or even a perfect stranger!) grabs your attention then we’re telling you to pounce! Great hair speaks for itself and if you compliment someone’s hair they’re certain to give you a referral that speaks volumes. You like the same movies, eat at the same restaurants and unapologetically cry during the same scenes in The Notebook - we’re wagering you’ll fall in LOVE with your friends hairdresser too. On the off chance that your friend pool is stuck in the same position as you than move to Step 2.


You trust WebMD to diagnose your excuse to take a day off work, so why haven’t you googled your town or city’s “top hair salon”? Taking the time to research the salons and stylists in your area to make an informed decision about who to trust with your hair is a time saver! Do you like things casual and comfy, grand and luxurious, or on trend and contemporary? Be sure to search key things you like to ensure your salon experience leaves you satisfied and dreaming for round 2. Many salon websites also contain pricing so you know what you’re in for and can budget, whilst google and other social media apps allow people to leave reviews - be sure to check out the good, the bad and the ugly to know what you’re in store for. If by chance you stumble across our website in your Google adventure, try our salon locator to hone in on your nearest bhave salon! Still not convinced? Don’t go hiring a private investigator, it’s time to…


Facebook, Instagram and Twitter were gifted to us by the Silicon Valley overlords to do one thing and one thing only…STALK till our hearts content! If you can tell us you’ve never accidentally found yourself viewing 2009 photos of your crush, or pre-emptively hiding your cringe worthy statuses posted by a younger, less “bhave babe” self then you’re either still rocking a Motorola or you’re lying to yourself! Many hair stylists and salons now have a social page where you can gather inspiration and an idea of whether their services and abilities are what you’re after. We’ve even got a Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest! At the end of the day, you can research their entire career online never knowing what they are truly like until you…


After choosing a stylist that feels good to you it’s time to take them for a test drive! Consultations are generally free and offer you a great chance to cut to the chase, to truly understand whether you can trust a hairstylist with your hair. Come prepared as it’s very important to give the stylist as much information as possible. We’re not telling you to create an entire Pinterest board, but your potential stylist needs to know as much about your hair as possible so come prepared with reference images of styles and colours you’re interested in - don’t forget to ask what they think will suit you as it is their job after all and you may just leave pleasantly surprised! Don’t be afraid to book in consultations with a variety of stylists, even if it’s in the same salon, to ensure you feel good about your choice. Listen to your stomach! It is your hair, your life and your rules that help define who you are so don’t hesitate in moving on and continuing to look around.

TIP: We recommend that you book 3 consultations with 3 different stylists. A consultation should be booked in advance so that the stylist can book out time to chat with you and not rush through, giving you time to ask questions and discuss your dream do. If you and your stylist are both excited by the same stuff, it’s going to be an awesome match.


The heart knows what the hair wants and once your heart is set it is time to take that leap of faith knowing that you’ve done all you can to make the best decision for you and your hair - well nearly everything…it’s time for a blow! A blow-dry is the safest way to complete your mental picture of the salon and your stylist, learning whether they listen to what you like, and how well received their work is by all those around you. Do they stock bhave? If so, BONUS POINTS! If you’re happy with the results of your blow-dry then you’ve done all you can. It’s time to book your cut/colour and step into a new you