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5 Tips To Longer Hair

5 Tips To Longer Hair

Growing a long luscious mane is a hair goal for most of us, but unfortunately the reality is that it is a process and those locks won’t happen overnight. On average hair grows about half an inch a month, at MAX, and when taking into account health, genetics and many other lifestyle factors there is no set timeline one can use to estimate the day their locks will be at Rapunzel status.

Unfortunately, there are no shortcuts to those long and luscious locks, but tribe, as always, we’re here to give you the best fighting chance. We’ve put together our top 5 tips & tricks to help encourage hair growth and get those hair goals you’ve been after!


Ensuring your locks are healthy is essential when it comes to growth. Breakage, split ends and damage may be the reason why you feel that your hair just isn’t growing, so repairing those locks is top priority!

Although regular trims won’t promote hair growth from the follicle, if you're prone to split ends and breakage, getting regular trims will improve the condition of your hair and help keep your locks healthy. But before you start your emotional farewells to the ends of your hair, we have a solution that doesn’t involve a chop! You get to keep the length and repair your hair? Yes, it is possible!

Repair your hair with an in-salon rescue therapy treatment and you can avoid the cut all together! Ask your hairdresser to add this to your service for a surge of nourishment and repair. Finish off with fresh ends, and a home deep repair routine with rescue shampoo & conditioner and see those locks thrive!

At home you can also spoil yourself with a deep conditioning masque and allow yourself a weekly pamper session to get your tresses strong, healthy and shining. The deep conditioning masque helps restore strength through intense moisture and repairing properties - exactly what you need to have the perfect base for ultimate hair growth.


While we sleep, we might shut down but our body continues to be one mighty active machine; recovering and repairing from the day and restoring our bodies from within.

Sleep is absolutely critical for optimal health and wellbeing, which is vital to the condition and growth of our hair. An adult needs on average 7-9 hours of sleep per night, so tribe it’s time to get that beauty sleep; no other justification for sleep-ins necessary!

To take your beauty sleep to the next level, and encourage that hair to grow, ditch the cotton pillowcases and switch to silk. Silk pillowcases reduce friction, meaning less hair breakage which is key to growing your locks! Feel like a queen sleeping on silk whilst letting those Rapunzel locks grow!


If you’re really serious about growing your hair than there are a few sacrifices you might need to make, and this includes your updo hairstyles. Unfortunately, updo’s are a big no-no when it comes to growing your hair as long, and as fast as you can.

Although stylish, the updo can cause many stresses to your tresses and create further damage and breakage to the cuticle, which is what we don't want! Leaving your mane in a relaxed down-do, such as a loose braid or messy ponytail, is a great stylish alternative that will leave your strands as stress free as possible.


You know those sacrifices we were talking about… well this is a major one! If you want long hair you need to stay away from the hot tools asap. Hot tools cause damage to hair and the more you use these the weaker and weaker your hair will become, eventually causing brittle hair prone to breakage.

If you use hot tools in an attempt to battle your hair woes there are other ways! Frizzy hair? Hot tools not needed! Instead, arm yourself with a deeply nourishing shampooconditioner and finish with riot oil for the frizz-free mane of our dreams. Dull and lifeless hair? Put the hairdryer down, magnify shampoo conditioner along with volumising foam will give you all that body-ody-ODY!

If your hair is already feeling, and showing, the effects of frequent hot tool use and is in need of some intense repair book in with your hairdresser for a rescue therapy treatment. Continue the care at home with rescue shampooconditioner along with super nova and you’ll soon be back on track to growing those luscious locks.


Brushing ensures that your locks are not knotted and tangled, giving them space to flourish and grow, it also brings blood flow to the scalp and spreads your natural oils through the lengths of your locks to provide some extra natural conditioning. Brushing your hair for hair growth - who knew it could be this simple?!

When brushing make sure you start from the bottom and move up the hair in sections to avoid breakages. Using a wide tooth comb while conditioning hair is also ideal for detangling knots and reducing the likelihood of later breakages when brushing dry.

Following these tips & tricks we will soon have a tribe of Rapunzel queens - but we’re not complaining!

bhave xx