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50 shades of grey - how to achieve younger looking locks

50 shades of grey - how to achieve younger looking locks

As we age, we are destined to face a series of unwelcome milestones, grey hair typically being one. As we journey through life, our hair naturally faces a decline and we may encounter dry, brittle, thin hair and of course, the dreaded greys. Our hair is an everyday accessory with the potential to be our best asset, so it stands to reason that if your locks are lacking in the lustre department, you could be detracting from your overall look. From wishy-washy hair colour to lifeless haircuts, there are several ways that your hair could be making your look older. The good news is that turning back the strands of time is no mission impossible…

Going, going grey

For most women, hair plays a big part in life. From the days of perms, to peroxide and hipster bangs - your hair has been with you every step of the way. Our precious tresses begin to evolve when the cells stop producing pigmentation a.k.a our former hair colour. The average person notices their first grey hair in their 30s, which later develops into many more in their 40s. It can be difficult embracing your inner greys, but sometimes accepting fate is the best way to make the most of your gracefully maturing look. Ageing hair deserves just as much attention as ageing skin and keeping the colour and shine vibrant is vital to preventing your silver strands from dulling your features. We suggest using products that contain shine enhancers and UV filters such as the super nova and riot control oil. As with blonde hair, grey hair can be more reactive and runs the risk of picking up yellow tones and looking brassy. Keep your strands looking clean and fresh using the bombshell blonde shampoo. If you can’t get rid of yellow tones, we suggest colouring your hair a light shade of blonde to take away the ageing effect.

Hair length - too short or too long

It’s a common misconception amongst silver sisters that ageing hair requires the chop. If your barnet is healthy and thick, there is no reason to give yourself the short end of the stick just to conform to what’s considered “age appropriate”. If you do decide to go short, opt for an angled bob to give you an instant lift and keep up with current trends.

On the other end of the spectrum, long hair is a notorious culprit for dragging you down and pulling your features with it (the “anti-facelift”). A one length, straight-up-and-down ‘do’ is a big no-no. For a foxy and youthful look, create depth and texture with a choppy bob or lob that sits just below the collarbone. Asymmetrical or less than perfect shapes deflect attention away from ageing imperfections, while layers slim the face and add a glamorous lift.

OUR TIP: Avoid extreme cuts or styles and leave the dip-dye and mohawks to the next generation. Sporting a bold cut or colour can often crank up your age, when it comes to anti-ageing - less is often more. Find a succession of styles that compliment you without becoming a slave to the trends.

It might be time to leave the dark side

Sometimes it’s best to steer clear of darker hues, as dark and broody hair colour can highlight shadows on the face and draw attention to fine lines and wrinkles. Your beloved jet-black shade could be enhancing your hair thinning, so don’t be afraid to lighten your load and go 2-3 shades lighter. Opt for face-framing highlights and warm tones to add light reflection to your skin and lower the harsh contrast that dark colours create.

ANOTHER TIP: Avoid hair colours that match the tone of your complexion as this can wash you out and add on unnecessary years. A bit of a contrast can give your skin a healthier glow. If you’re too light add in some deeper caramel low lights to balance out your look.

Fringe with benefits

Bangs = no botox! If your forehead has gone a little rogue with age, bangs are often the more cost effective way to camouflage those frown lines. Bangs have a mystical way of making people look younger, by highlighting the cheekbones it draws attention to the eyes. Take your future fringe for a test drive by putting your hand over your forehead when looking in the mirror, before taking your hand away. Which look do you prefer? Ensure that you ask your stylist for bangs that are full and not wispy and that reach the centre of your brows, or settle on a longer, side-swept fringe. Skip both if you have tight curls or a cows-lick.

OUR TIP: Blunt bangs that hang straight across the forehead can be quite harsh and isn’t for everyone. For a softer option, go for a side-swept fringe with layers that blend into your haircut.

If you’re looking for a new look to help shave off the years, remember to always let the REAL YOU shine through. Let your confidence and energy do the talking! Greys? We prefer to think of them as strands of glitter and wisdom so whether you want to chop/colour or just rock your natural look, always do it with style and a smile because it’s your hair, your life and your rules.