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7 Things That Can Change The Texture Of Your Hair

bhave babes! Everyone wants to last longer and perform better but no matter how hard we try nothing ever lasts forever, unless fate wills it to. Fashion lines often only last a season, whilst hair trends come and go, so how do we cope with all this change? Hair can be a chaotic mistress changing in health and manageability with every style, cut and colour choice you make, but what makes it totally change its texture? If your hair has totally flipped from curly to straight or vice versa then listen up because we’re hear to tell you why!

1. Horrid hormones

We’re certain we all can admit to blaming our bazaar dietary choices and all round badass temperament on our hormones - in the case of your changing hair texture we’re telling you that this time you can! Pregnancy hormones or an overactive thyroid can drastically change the density of your hair, resulting in hair loss. Pumping up the iron in your diet can often help combat hair loss, however often with pregnancy related hair loss you should revert to your former glory by the time your brand new bundle of joy turns 1.

2. A hard pill to swallow

A spoon full of sugar may help the medicine go down, but have you ever faced the scorn of a bhave babe facing a hair crisis? Birth control pills or medication used to combat autoimmune diseases can often be found to change the texture of hair, resulting in hair loss for those that are especially sensitive to the medication. If you’re experiencing these kind of side effects we recommend speaking to a healthcare professional to get to the bottom of this hair horror story - ain’t no pill going to rain on our good hair day parade!

3. Diets can be delicious

You have to have been living under a rock to not have been exposed to shakes, teas, juices and other absurd dietary products claiming to make your life better. We’re here to tell you that there is beauty in diversity and that you should learn to love yourself before approaching these products full of false promises and that if you’re going to diet, do it for the beautiful bhave babe you are.

Hair needs certain nutrients to grow healthy and strong, with iron deficiency being a key cause of brittle hair. If you’re dreaming of luscious lovely locks then you’ve gotta work girl! Begin treating your hair from within with a wholesome diet of fresh vegetables, nuts, fish, eggs and legumes, and watch as you naturally nurture a healthy shine and lush texture.

4. Medical treatments

Life has a way of throwing some serious curveballs our way and so sometimes the state of our hair is completely out of our control. For those that have had to undergo major medical treatments like chemotherapy, hair thinning is a side effect they must face. Over time hair may return to its original texture but the first hair that grows back is often very fragile. To avoid further thinning and breakages avoid chemical processes like colouring and straightening and most importantly remember to take time to care for yourself!

5. Entering your “silver” years

Many people enter their “silver” years quaking from their fear of grey hair, but by taking just one look at George Clooney and Helen Mirren we’re certain that this should be the least of their worries!

Naturally thicker and coarser, grey hairs have the ability to change the texture of your hair but sometimes all you need is a touch of moisture! Conditioning and relaxing the hair fibre with products like our deep conditioning masquefresh ends and leave-in crème can totally eradicate the coarse texture of grey hairs, allowing you to once again have soft sexy tresses.

6. OTTS - over the top styling

OTTS - also known as over the top styling will change the texture of your hair, transforming its once lush feel and shine to a dry and brittle state - lets shake your OTTS bad habits now! Over styling includes constant blow-drying, curling, and straightening as well as frequent unprotected colour tinting. Whilst getting heated can make for one HOT hair do, be sure to combat any hair damage with riot control oil, containing active thermal protective properties to nourish and protect your hair.

If you’re frequently undergoing colour changes your hair is bound to act and style differently as its texture changes due to constant lightening and depositing through corrosive techniques such as bleach baths. With our latest colour technology infused with Prophyte, a plant based keratin used to preserve the integrity of your hair, we’re telling you it’s time to start bhaving in colour to combat your OTTS!

7. Stress less!

Being in a constant state of fight or flight mode can seriously effect your overall health, especially the texture of your hair! Many people can experience increased oil production and/or hair thinning by being stressed resulting in an unmanageable hair texture. We always recommend a long hot shower, with our beautifully perfumed active keratin shampoo and conditioner products of course, as a great way to unwind whilst also sending some much needed love to your hair.

it’s you hair, your life, your rules!

These 7 things may be the cause and effect of your constantly changing hair texture, but now it’s up to you to show them who’s boss! Monday may bring rocking style, where Wednesday may cause you to ring that bad hair day alarm, but at the end of the day it is the beautiful bhave babe under that head of hair that the world loves so head out and conquer it!