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9 ways to make your hair shine like a diamond

9 ways to make your hair shine like a diamond

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In all of my years of hairdressing, the one thing that is across all clients is that no one wants dull hair; unfortunately, it can be an issue for those blessed with grey, ash or mousey hair. Dull hair is caused by the hair shaft absorbing rather than reflecting light. Again this can be due to colour, as in the case of grey hair which has no pigment in the hair shaft so absorbs rather than reflects light, or it can be the result of heat damage from over styling or even the result of environmental soils and stresses. Whatever the cause, I’ve created a list of my top tips to get you back on track and have you shining again in no time.

9 tips for shining like a diamond:

  1. Only use a shampoo that adds moisture to your hair. Dry hair equals dull hair and you can’t shine if your hair is gasping for moisture. For instance, did you know that the bio-active keratin that is included in our shampoos and conditioners is a shine maker? Not only does it provide protection, strength and repair for your hair shaft but in performing all of those functions it also provides a surface that light can reflect off which means more shine.
  2. Always, always finish your wash by conditioning. If you have fine hair concentrate the conditioner on the end third of your hair, if your hair is curly work your conditioner from scalp through to your ends. No matter which hair type you are blessed with, leave your conditioner on for a couple of minutes if possible.
  3. Give your hair a blast of cool water during your final rinse. This will contract your hair cuticle closing it up and helping it to lay flat and reflect light.
  4. Never, never rough dry your hair with a towel otherwise all the wash love you’ve just shown it will be out the window. Rough drying damages the hair and creates more frizz. Imagine taking two fish and rubbing their scales vigorously against one another, total carnage! This is what you do when you vigorously dry your hair with a towel. Instead, squeeze the excess water from your hair and only use your towel to blot or squeeze off excess water.
  5. Protect your hair before you apply heat. Apply a small amount of riot oil, leave-in crème or super nova to your hair before you hit it with heat to help keep those cuticles healthy and calm. Hair shines best when your hair cuticle is lying flat because it bounces back light rays. Riot Oil is super rich in argan oil and will calm your cuticles and add shine, plus its great for grey haired ladies whose hair maybe starting to dry out and rebel.
  6. Always blow-dry your hair in the direction which it grows. Dry down the length of your strands not against them, this will keep that cuticle flat. Giving it a cool blast of air to finish off is also a shine-inducing move.
  7. Treat yourself and your hair each month to an at home deep intensive conditioning masque. Run a bath, grab a book, make a cuppa and relax while your hair soaks up shine-producing hydration. Just remember if it’s on for longer than 2 minutes (and I recommend that it is) you need to condition like normal when you rinse it out.
  8. Apply leave in crème to your curls to help define and shine them.
  9. If you’re hair still feels one dimensional and you feel defeated, chat to your stylist about adding highlights to help bring out your sparkle.

Neil Cleminson

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