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Amazing results and revealing reviews of bhave keratin smoothing - Part 4

Amazing results and revealing reviews of bhave keratin smoothing - Part 4

If you are considering getting your keratin smoothing on and you are in the research phase you might like to see how it has worked on other clients and read some feedback. We love that about you – anything worth having is worth a bit of time and research right?


In that spirit we are also going to address the elephant that’s climbed into our room, clients purchasing our keratin smoothing treatment on-line and applying it at home. Firstly we do not sell our treatment to the public so if you’re buying it online it is from an unauthorised seller. If you’re buying from an unauthorised seller they are more concerned with making money off you than how your hair is going to look.

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We do not want to lecture you in any way but we do want to protect your hair. Our keratin smoothing treatment is a salon professional product only. The reason we have developed the keratin smoothing treatment for in-salon use only is because we want you to experience the best results possible and protect yo

u from hair disasters. We want you to experience manageable, beautiful hair that leaves you feeling amazing and confident. This will not happen if you do this treatment at home.

Hairdressers are trained professionals and like other professionals, they have a depth of knowledge that allows them to assess and adjust treatments so they are the perfect fit for your hair texture and condition, plus we provide in-salon training and that’s why they achieve such fabulous results. We seriously encourage you to avoid a DIY keratin smoothing treatment because you deserve the real deal just like the lovely ladies below have had.


You can read an independent review from Melissa, published on Primped, about her keratin smoothing experience by clicking here . Or to see how Isabelle’s hair turned out on Beauty Heaven click here. Kimmi from the Plastic Diaries shares great photos of her before and after here. Zoe Foster Blake needed to make life easier (especially hair life) and shares how our keratin smoothing treatment did that here. If you want to see how your smoothing can look over time then this post by Tine from Beautyholics anonymous shows a progressive timeline of her treatment, click here.

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