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Back To Work 2018

Back To Work 2018

Australia Day is done and dusted and for us Aussies that means no long weekends for a while… Well, there’s Easter and Anzac day but then nothing until at least June! It really is a hard life here in Oz!

Whether you’re one of the lucky ones who’s been enjoying an extended break or you’ve slowly been easing back into it with a few days here and there, for most of us Monday means it’s time to get back to work.

Here’s some simple ways to help you get out the door on time (and maybe even allow you to hit the snooze button once or twice) because let’s be honest, after holidays we’re going to need all the help we can get.

The Night before:

Get organised! It only takes a few minutes the night before to get all of your necessities and put them in one place! Keys, wallet, travel card, pop them in an easy to grab place (like your handbag!).

Make your lunch! It’s the perfect time to really instill your 2018 resolution which for a lot of us is to be healthier and what better way than to make yourself a delicious home cooked meal that you can easily heat at work. Let’s be honest, it’s generally tastier and doesn’t break the bank, which means more money to shop for things you love!

Lay out (or at least plan in your mind) an outfit to save any wardrobe meltdowns in the morning. There’s nothing worse than throwing on something that doesn’t make you feel good in the morning.

Write your to do list (trust us on this, it actually helps you sleep better!) Instead of letting your mind tick for hours while you try and drift off, keep a note pad by your bed, it’s amazing how many things come to mind as soon as you hit the pillow!

After the Alarm:

Get up! It really does help to get you there on time. Especially for the first day! Once you’re up, you’re up!

Doing your hair in the morning can be a drag so here are a few quick hair ideas to get you through your working week.

The messy bun - the saving grace of hairstyles for those post gym mornings when you don’t have the time to wash your locks or when you simply can’t be bothered!

Add a bit of volume and texture with our gunpowder dust then just pull your hair into a loose pony however high or low you want, wrap the ponytail loosely around the hair tie and secure in place with bobby pins. Voila.

Half up do - last night’s bed head can be instantly transformed with this one.Sweep the top section of your hair up into a loose ‘half-up’ ponytail, leaving some hair out at the front to frame your face. Tip: use a pump of our volumising foam on your roots to towel-dried hair the night before for added volume and body.

Ponytail – we know this is the go-to but it’s quick, easy, and with a bit of volume and texture, the trusty ol’ pony can go from drab to fab! Pull hair into a ponytail and gently tease the hair to create fullness and body. A quick press of fresh ends to finish will smooth down any misbhaving strands.

Quick volume & curls – A pump of volumising foam the night before and a few velcro rollers in the morning will have your hair looking effortlessly chic!, Put them in right after you roll out of bed and take them out right before you leave. Add some texture using gunpowder dust or flex styling paste and finish with fresh ends.

Braids - If you have the time (and the skill) you can never go wrong with a messy braid! Wear it to the side, wear it tight or loose or add one to your ponytail. If you’re not so skilled in the braid department, try a plait, they look just as good!

Short hair - Add some texture and curls to short locks for a sexy, I just rolled outta bed look using flex paste! Bobs and lobs look best with a bit of movement so get your gunpowder dust out to add some extra volume.

Headband or bandana - If all else fails, you have to be thankful that the 90’s are back which means you can totally get away with wearing a bandana or head scarf. Whether you tie it around your head or your ponytail, this is a quick and fun way to add a little something extra to your outfit.

all images credit - pinterest

Well there you have it! 7 hairstyles to recycle and get you through your week! If it all seems too hard and you hair is just too unmanageable, try the bhave keratin smooth treatment which cuts drying time and tames the hair! Smile! You’ve got this. You’re on time and your hair looks fab!

Your hair – Your life – Your rules!