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bhave Move Night

bhave Move Night

Have you got your ticket to the most exclusive screening in town? The curtains are being drawn on our favourite iconic hairstyles that made the movies! Here’s a few of our all time favourites and tips on how to bring the silver screen to your hair. Grab that buttery popcorn because movie night with bhave begins in 3...2...1… ACTION!

Rosemary’s Baby may have made us hide under the covers, but Mia Farrow’s pixie got us running to the hairdresser! Whether you’re already a member of the pixie tribe, or looking to make the chop, the key to living and loving this style is texture!

Tip: Use flex styling paste or gunpowder texturising dust to give that pixie life. Finish off with fresh ends to add that final touch to this powerful style.

The fairytale we didn’t know we needed, Pretty Woman. Let’s just get this out of the way first shall we…. Big mistake. Big. Huge! This movie didn’t create just one, two, or even three iconic moments, but the one that carried through the whole movie was the untamed and lively hair of Vivian, played by a vivacious Julia Roberts.

Exuding life and sensuality Julia’s mane was every part woman and power. The trick here is to build volume and movement whilst keeping your locks frizz free, shiny, and manageable (we’ve all been there trying to brush out a tease gone too far in the pursuit of volume).

Tip: To not make a huge mistake yourself, apply curl defining crème along with riot control oil to keep manageability and shine of your mane. bhave™ Curl defining crème will define those curls and movement in your hair whilst providing extra conditioning and moisture, and riot control oil will fight the frizz whilst adding beautiful shine and increasing your hairs manageability.

We all knew that it didn’t quite make sense, but when Margot Robbie portrayed Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad we were all behind her love story with the Joker. The love was real, even if a bit strange… Love story with a crazed super-villain aside, Harley Quinn speaks to the rebel in all of us! For some fun, without the jail time, visit your salon for some bhave™ 180 fashion colours.

Tip: Ask your hairdresser to mix in some 180 boost into your conditioner at home to maintain your colour pop without the fortnightly salon visits.

Do we need a quick intermission from all this fab hair? Let’s take a quick break with a hairstyle that has been imitated across the globe since its breakout role in 1977, Princess Leia’s iconic buns. Carrie Fisher famously hated this unflattering style, but this didn’t stop it from being featured all the way through the Star Wars franchise up to 2005, where Natalie Portman took over the torch of the famous buns as Princess Padme. You could imitate this one, but we’re not quite sure you’d want to…but we’re not judging if you do!

Edward Scissorhands, he was in need of a serious haircut (irony is a cruel mistress)! In the iconic words of Beyonce, “I woke up like this” (we actually do). Achievability 10/10, no effort required.

Tip: To tame that birds nest arm yourself with bhave™supernova spray. This miracle multi-purpose elixir gently detangles your mane while adding moisture and nourishment to restore damaged hair. Your locks will be refreshed and strengthened in one application!

Oprah has icon status already under her belt, but her hair in A Wrinkle in Time is icon status in waiting. We are already obsessing over this curl and body, but if you’re not there yet give it time - trust us! This hair gives ultimate presence, so let’s just make sure it’s giving off a sense of power not mess!

Tip: Add some curl defining crème and riot control oil to your routine to define those curls whilst fighting off any frizz. They will provide extra conditioning to your hair and leave it shining and manageable. Adding leave-in crème will moisturise any dry and coarse hair to soften and protect your luxurious locks. To finish include a weekly deep conditioning masque to provide intense moisture and repair by nourishing and conditioning hair to improve strength and restore elasticity.

Well the credits have begun, and we’re all out of popcorn, but now it’s your turn to create your own iconic hair! Remember, your hair, your life, your rules!

bhave xx