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Blondes, Get That Shine Like Brunettes!

Blondes, Get That Shine Like Brunettes!

Everyone that says ‘Blondes have more fun’ clearly hasn’t been a blonde battling with dry, lacklustre hair. Lightening those tresses can send your strands into a world of damage, meaning that blonde hair really does need a little bit more TLC.

Whilst the sight of lush, shiny, brunette hair might have previously sent us blondes into hiding, or contemplating joining the darker side ourselves - we have a solution that will get you out and whipping that hair harder than Willow Smith. Blondes, meet our rescue therapy treatment, the solution to all your hair woes - dry, dull locks have finally met their match.

Rescue Therapy Treatment will restore your hair’s strength, elasticity and shine in no time. But that’s not all. By safeguarding against future damage, you can ensure that your blonde locks will stay effortlessly moisturised and feel irresistibly luxurious. Blonde babes, it’s time to wave goodbye to dull, brittle hair once and for all. 


Magic Bioactive Keratin…

Extracted from the wool of *New Zealand sheep, the keratin protein holds amino acids that are critical to the health of your hair, and will truly revolutionise your hair game and get you slayin’ in no time.

The difference between rescue therapy treatment and other ‘repair’ treatments, is that bhave’s in-salon treatment contains an active 100% natural bioactive keratin. Bioactive keratin is almost identical to our hair and works by repairing it from the inside out plus it penetrates each individual strand for ultimate nourishment and protection - now that’s a hard-working treatment. Rescue therapy works deep, which leaves hair repaired, more manageable, shiny, silky and smooth - imagine if you could describe your blonde locks like that… GOALS!


Easy - Using our salon locator find your nearest bhave salon offering our rescue therapy treatment, make an appointment, then just sit down and flip through a magazine while your hair is being transformed. Simple. Now, who said it was hard to have healthy blonde hair?

bhave xx