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Braids, The True MVP

Braids, The True MVP

You’ve seen the braid come up a few times in our latest blogs and we’ve decided it’s time to fully show our appreciation and dedicate a whole blog to these beauties!

We love braids because they are versatile, they’re always changing and evolving, but also remain eternally classic, and most importantly can save us on a bad hair day! So, for some braid inspiration to fully lust over (and give a try!) we’ve put together some of our favourites.


Just like your go-to LBD, the classic braid is a staple. The original and ultra-classic braid is the place any braiding journey begins, and if you master the classic, the braiding world opens up to you!

Most of us probably learnt this one from our mum, sister, or at slumber party back at school… it’s almost a hair rite of passage that is passed down.

It may be a simple three strand braid but don’t knock it, it has transforming properties - especially on a bad hair day! If you learn any braid this is the one to start with, especially if you plan to develop your skills and try for those more complex braids!

Image via Fashion Journal Magazine


The french braid is a variation to the classic braid, with the main differences being that it starts higher on the head and brings in more hair at each section overlap. It’s more complex than the classic but be patient (and give your arms some breaks in between) and soon you’ll be mastering the french braid too!

Just like the original, this style follows the regular plait pattern and continually incorporates loose strands into a classic three strand braid, creating a patterned look with hair that is pulled from the sides.

If you have trouble with this one, it’s always great to enlist a friend for a little helping hand.

Image via Pinterest


The double dutch braid has risen to popularity over the last few years, with many celebrities and influencers rocking this braiding duo. Whether it’s for the red carpet or a shot for Insta, this style is reigning at the moment.

Also known as boxer braids, these braids are raised on both sides of the head and look as though they sit on the head as opposed to being incorporated in.

This braid is not only stylish but is also very low maintenance, making it perfect for holidays, festivals and lazy/bad hair days where you can’t be bothered dealing with your frizzy tresses.

The double dutch braid provides security and certainty that your hair will stay out of your way whilst still looking ultra-fierce, which is the most important part right? 

Image via


The fishtail is where some braiders decide to give up but stick it out and you will have one of the most visually amazing braids in your repertoire!

The fishtail adds a bit of flavour and is a stunning creative alternative to the classic three strand braid. Also popular on the red carpet, this style brings immediate glam to any look!

Be patient when first attempting the fishtail, as your normal braiding steps will be challenged, but trust us the patience will pay off!

Image via


Even though this style may look complicated trust us when we say it is simpler than you think! If you can do the classic braid, you can create a milkmaid braid!

The milkmaid braid is basically two braids that are wrapped around the head. You can use different types of braids to change up the look, but full disclaimer tribe, with a change of braid type as the base for this style the difficulty does start to increase. But if you’re up for the challenge give it a try!



With braids you don’t have to stick to the rules, and with so many styling variations you can create a fresh look every time. You can mix it up between tight braids for a controlled and sleek look or wear them loose and textured for a more relaxed feel.

Braids are also where you can get super creative! Add accessories, multiply the amount of braids in your hair to your heart's content, reverse directions (an advanced move but there’s only one way to become a braid guru… practice), or make them a statement feature on a down style - the braiding world is your oyster!

Image @sittingprettyhalohair

Braids are the true hairstyle MVP and our appreciation from them is endless. From making us feel fierce and on trend, to being the go to saviour of a bad hair day… braids, the love is real!

If braids aren’t currently in your hair style repertoire take some time out this weekend and give them a go. Be patient and start simple and remember you can create your own rules for your braid!

your hair - your life - your rules

bhave xx