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Customer Spotlight

Customer Spotlight

Lisa Carr - Pilates and Group Fitness Teacher

I'm a mother, a wife and physiotherapist with a passion for the benefits of exercise in maintaining health and well being. I decided to utilise exercise to help people to achieve confidence, mobility and strength as well as help them to be happy in their best body. Teaching exercise daily and participating in my own daily workouts means I deal with a lot of sweat and my hair would frizz and become difficult to manage.

Washing and blow drying my hair every day is time consuming and no matter how much time I spent straightening it, it still never had shine and would frizz as soon as moisture hit the air.

I decided to try bhave keratin after seeing the results of some of my clients who had used it as their hair was shiny and perfect at all times

It takes me 5-7 minutes to blow wave my hair with a paddle brush because I have no skill in using a round brush, and it's perfect every time.

If I decide not to wash my hair after I exercise, I simply comb through and leave it and still there is no frizz! It has also helped the condition of my hair since I spend less time trying to get it straight.

I wash my hair with the bhave rescue shampoo and conditioner and have the best results with this combination plus I use the bhave paddle brush to blow wave my hair. I find this the quickest way to achieve my desired look of smooth hair. I find the treatment really cuts drying time.

The bhave treatment has been the single most effective decision I've made in managing my hair.