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Did you see our first Facebook Live?

Did you see our first Facebook Live?

Yesterday we produced our very first Facebook live feed from our head office. It was a nerve-racking, exciting and energy lifting experience for all of us here at HQ. We did have a few hiccups (practice makes perfect) but we were so thrilled to have jumped into the Facebook live pool and had a chance to connect and share with you, our incredible tribe and we are now well into planning and improving our next feed in two weeks.


To those of you who sent in your questions and those of you who jumped on to view the feed, we say THANK YOU SO MUCH. Your support means the world to us. Without you, there would be no place for us.

One of the questions we received during that feed was something we really wanted to talk about because it is a good question that deserves an open and honest answer. The lovely Jeanne of WA asked ‘Why is it so expensive’.

Two words, active ingredients; we invest immense amounts of time, money and resources into sourcing the best and most beneficial active ingredients we can. As Neil talked about yesterday, it is super important to all of us here at bhave that our products deliver the best hair care possible.

To achieve that goal we load each of our products with active ingredients that work to repair and nourish your hair from the inside out rather than coating the hair shaft with a quick fix. The benefit of such high-quality ingredients is that the amount of product you need to use to achieve outstanding results also decreases. This means although you are paying more you are getting so much more, increased quality, long lasting products and results that say it all.

We know our products are not for everyone but those who do bhave with us can be assured that we are all about quality and results. So thank you, Jeanne for your question and we hope that you continue to bhave with us.

We love hearing from you, so please email or comment with any questions you may have. Looking forward to our next Facebook live feed on Wednesday, 15th March, time to be advised.

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Michelle & Sheryl xxx