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Do you know your hair type?

Do you know your hair type?

Knowledge is power and we believe knowing your hair type empowers you in ways you may not have even considered before.

Knowing the characteristics of your hair shaft means that you can make better choices when it comes to shampoo and conditioners, styling products and haircuts. Better choices increase your good hair days and who'd say no to those!

So let's start empowering you by working out your type.

Firstly when we're talking hair types you need to know that there are 4 different categories with each having a sub-category that is labelled from a-c.

(TIP: You need to go a la natural to work out your hair type. Make sure your hair is freshly washed, product free and air dried.)

Type 1 - Straight Hair

This means anything from dead straight hair to having a slight kink. Unfortunately for straight haired folks it also means you can be prone to oily hair because there is no curl to stop the natural oils travelling the length of your hair shafts. Heavy styling products like waxes and pastes are not overly kind to type 1A straight haired folks, but volumising shampoos, conditioners and styling products are your secret weapons for adding a shot va-va-voom.

1A – We’re talking super straight, fine, thin and flat, flat, flat hair.

1B – You will find that your hair is not so flat and has the ability to hold a curl. In fact a lot of straight haired sisters and brothers fall into type 1B. You may even have some kinks and some end curl.

1C – Your hair is thicker and coarser, has bends and kinks with a little body action to boot. You may even be able to perform that freshly tousled look when your hair is air dried.

Type 2 - Wavy Hair

Sisters and brothers with type 2 hair are working the wave. With the texture of your hair strands you tend not to be bothered by overly oily or dry hair. Styling products will bring out the best of your natural waves and produce stunning results.

2A – Your hair may still be fine and thin but with lovely loose natural looking waves.

2B – Your waves are defined and tighter without getting too wild in volume, however you may suffer from a little frizz.

2C – Your waves are tighter and may form loose spiral curls which unfortunately can result in some frizz and big hair days. Your hair is fairly course.

Type 3 - Curly Hair

Sisters and brothers with type 3 hair are working the curl from naturally formed ringlets to spirals and springs. Your natural hair oils aren’t able to travel down those “S” shaped hair shafts so don’t often reach the ends of your hair. Styling products can help define your curls and using hydrating shampoo and conditioners is a way to lavish some love and banish some frizz.

3A – If you’re working these curls you will have ringlets that rival Shirley Temple’s with their soft, silky and naturally formed spring.

3BSpiraled and springy curls that tend to frizz are the calling cards of those blessed with type 3B hair.

3C – Tight, coiled curls that are defined but not so smooth are what you are rocking as a type 3C.


Type 4 - Kinky Hair

If you’re working with type 4 hair you’re working the kink with tight coils that may appear course but can be surprisingly fine and fragile. Your hair will keep it’s shape wet or dry but you tend to suffer from dry hair as your natural oils can’t get down your highly textured hair shaft. Hydrating your hair is a must.

4A – Your hair is coiled with perfectly formed cylindrical curls to boot.

4B – Working with your crimped pattern, you can still have wonderfully defined curls at your ends.

4C – Your hair will have a zigzag pattern that shows no defined curls. Your amazing hair is known to shrink by more than half its length because of the zigzag pattern of your hair shaft.

Whatever hair type you are blessed with we say be proud, be confident and own it.

Your hair, Your life, Your rules