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Do you want to be a short haired goddess?

Do you want to be a short haired goddess?

Whether you’re already a short haired beauty or aspiring to become one, we're here to inspire you. Whether you're in your 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s or you’ve reached that pinnacle of goddess-ness your 70’s and beyond we say your hair, your life, your rules!

Whatever your age or stage the secret to loving your short hair (besides a good cut) is factoring in a getting-used-to period, wearing it with attitude, being adventurous and learning how to switch it up. It takes a moment to find your groove with a shorter style but once you do we know you're going to wear it with confidence.

Here are a bevy of beauties of all ages who epitomise that vibe:-.


Your 20’s is a time for experimenting, for trying new styles and getting your wild on. Life is about finding your feet and having fun exploring your individuality. Go bold on your colour, try an undercut or go from sleek to spike with a flex paste. Try it all!


Photo by: Rene G

Your 30’s arrive before you know it but you still have kick in your tail and style on your side. Life feels more frantic so going short fits a busy schedule. Mix it up with a soft side sweep to your bangs or add some sleek pomade chic to unlock your classic goddess. Either way you'll be wearing your sophistication like eyeliner - effortlessly glamourous.


Your 40’s comes with an injection of confidence. You have enough life experience to own your look and unleash your inner sass. So ladies when it comes to your short hair wear it with attitude. Let that beautiful face and all of life's experience be seen by the world either framed by a stunning pixie, a soft bob or a layered short cut.

They say life begins at 50! so go show them who’s boss! Wear a wispy pixie cut or if you dare add texture and spikes to accessorise your Mona Lisa smile. The world is your oyster and you’re just warming up. Sweep that hair up, sleek it back and go for colour that compliments your skin.


You’re magical 60’s brings out the bolder and braver you. Don’t let anyone convince you that you can’t still work it like a goddess. Shine your light and shine it bright with volume and soft layers or work the pixie and make it your own.


In your 70’s + you are a fully fledged goddess and we encourage you to lead the way with your sophistication, wisdom and well developed sass. You can still turn heads so don’t surrender the urge to style it, strut it and own it. A soft layered, tousled look works like a charm and can be turned into edgy with some pomade and attitude.

your hair, your life, your rules!

Photographs by Eva Rinaldi