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From boring to body in 3 steps

Today’s quickie is all about body and heat and how you can apply both to your dry hair quickly and easily to release your inner sass.

Just because you were born with straight hair doesn’t mean you can’t mix it up with some texture in double quick time, and with party season knocking on the door now is the time to learn a trick or two. Let’s start:-

  • Work a little heat protectant into your hair like our riot oil or leave in creme then section your hair into braid-able bites (the smaller the braids the more texture you’ll create - fine hair needs less braids, thicker hair will need more). Choose one, two or more.
  • Take your straightening irons and gently run them along each of your braids from top to bottom to press heat into them. Don’t press too hard or leave on too long as you don’t want to fry your locks.
  • Let your hair cool down before unwrapping your braids and releasing your waves. Add a spritz of hairspray to maintain the wave throughout the day.

No age limits apply 

your hair, your life, your rules!