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Go Dry This July - 6 Hair Rules To Follow When You Abstain From A Hairdryer

Go Dry This July - 6 Hair Rules To Follow When You Abstain From A Hairdryer

Are you up for the challenge? We’re encouraging you to abstain from using the hairdryer for the month of July. By committing, you’ll be doing yourself an invaluable service; remember cool air does virtually nothing to zap moisture. Try and perfect the wash-and-dry technique for a low maintenance routine for the remainder of the month (and into August if you can).

Firstly, let’s quickly reflect on how you discipline your strands into submission with your hairdryer or other hot tools; months of repeated use, forcing moisture from the air open hair cuticles inside the hair shaft then sealing them with blasts of heat. Even so, despite all the hours you’ve spent straightening or curling your strands, here’s a chance to try something different.

Face it - no one likes damaged, frizzy hair and without doubt, air-drying is the least damaging way to dry our locks. Let you hair ‘breathe’ and feel super soft and smooth. Say “hello” to naturally healthy hair.

The Dry July rules are simple, easy and with minimal effort. We’re here to validate your options of how to let your hair dry naturally and achieve those idyllic results. Oh, and by the way, we’re kind of ditching the hairbrush to the curb too.


Your hair is in its most fragile state when it’s wet. Condition and comb your hair in the shower, preferably with a wide-tooth comb or wet brush or you could even simply use your fingertips. Remember, we do this to avoid breakage afterward and unwanted frizz. If your hair is curly or wavy, you know already that its ‘forbidden’ to brush it when it’s dry … what a catastrophe!


Don’t over-dry your hair. Be kind to your locks and don’t rub too vigorously with a regular towel. Embrace the natural texture of your hair and eliminate excess moisture with our super lightweight, highly absorbent microfibre turban. They’re must gentler on your hair with no rubbing, no effort and no stress.


Add a styling product or two … time for some rich, moisturising leave-in treatments to hydrate dry, coarse hair! Set your locks with leave-in conditioning crème after towel-drying so that it hydrates and controls unmanageable hair. Whatever you do, don’t touch your hair while it air dries. Our formula nourishes and repairs your hair, promotes cell growth and boosts your hairs elasticity and shine. For wavy or curly haired peeps, ensure your locks remain defined and frizz-free with a combination of a curl defining crème and either riot control, taming oil or frizz control crème that knocks back excess frizz. If you’ve got straight hair or limp locks needing some volume, start your treatment process with Super Nova Multi-purpose Elixir; spray little amounts onto your clean towel-dried hair and then leave to dry. You will notice immediately that your once fine locks will feel thicker and more manageable (say good bye to knots and tangles). Add half a pump of our volumising foam to your roots for more body and volume.


Let’s do the twist! If you want to add texture to your hair when it’s damp, try twisting it into a braid or bun. This method will give you a really girly look and defined-looking waves. Other variations of this trick, is to use our Beach Bod sea salt spray. First twist into a braid or loose bun, then let it your hair dry. You could even pin multiple loose loops all over your head to create waves and removing it when it dries.


Be kind to your ends. You know the oldest part of your hair is the ends so they are the most prone to dryness and breakage. Additionally, when your hair strands split, it is a tell-tale sign that your hair is damaged and quite possibly warn from heat instruments. Without proper preventative measures, your hair will establish further breakages – so it’s best to act fast when you notice an array of split ends.

Now is the time to treat it with regular trims and a splash of oils or serums; which is the key to combating those kinks and fragmented strands. Once your hair has dried, seal the deal with our repairing Fresh ends that will help smooth, repair and seal damaged ends thanks to its active ingredients of peptides, bioactive keratin and oils.


Let it dry … relax and chill, because it's YOUR HAIR, YOUR LIFE, YOUR RULES!