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Great Hair At Every Age!

Great Hair At Every Age!

From long luscious curls to the sharp bob, many women of all ages ask “will this cut or colour suit me?” Women often fear they’re too old for a particular hairstyle or that greys add the years. It’s time to change the way we think and be as free as our hair. Some women are blessed with naturally thick hair and some just aren't, and maintaining strong healthy hair can be a challenge, a bit like choosing that salad over a burger for lunch. Almost impossible!

The old rules no longer apply!

We say it is possible to have great hair at every age and you can ignore the rules of the status quo, because at bhave we live by the motto ‘it’s your hair, your life and your rules’ and ladies, if it flatters you, makes you feel good and your hair is in great shape then you can define your hair at any and every age.

As we age, so does our hair and unfortunately there’s no botox that will fix it (yet) so we have to ensure we look after it, just as we do our skin and protect it by using quality products, and by looking after ourselves from the inside out. It’s no secret that our hair texture changes as we mature, making it finer and more delicate or if it's thick it becomes coarse and wiry, so here’s a few tips on how to keep your hair in the best shape at every age.

1. Regularly cutting your hair will keep the ends fresh and damage free. Like most of us we tend to put our hair through a lot of stress by applying heat or chemicals so it's important to promote growth by keeping the ends split free. Another reason for getting the chop is to avoid nasty knots that can be a hassle when your hair gets longer. We recommend cutting your hair every 10 to 15 weeks for healthy happy ends. Haven’t had the snip? Invest in some fresh ends which will smooth, repair and seal misbhaving split ends until you have your next appointment. Struggling with knots? The miracle hair solution super nova will take care of that!

While you face mask, hair mask! Conditioning your hair is an important part of a healthy hair regime and taking the time to use our deep conditioning masque once a week will help restore moisture to the hair and will improve strength and elasticity as well as shine.

3. Using the right high quality products will help the longevity and condition of your hair. It’s best to avoid supermarket brands which can often contain detergents, parabens and sulfates which can cause further damage to your hair, not to mention your health. All bhave™ products are 100% natural, cruelty free and paraben free, giving you even more of a reason to choose one of our salon professional shampoos and conditioners that suits you.

4. Be bold! Enhance and embrace a change with bold and fun colours. bhave™ 360 is a new innovative keratin-infused colour cream which gives you fast, perfect coverage every time and enhances the condition of your hair while it colours! Genius right? Feeling a little more colourful? Try the bhave™ 180 colour range which lifts and deposits colour at the same time so you can wave goodbye to the bleach baths and say hello to healthy, vibrant hair.

5. Protect your hair from heat appliances like your hair dryer, curling wand or straighteners which all cause damage by having an in-salon rescue treatment at your local bhave™salon or you can beat the heat at home with our riot control oil which offers thermal protective properties which protect your hair and fight frizz at the same time. 



20's EMMA STONE                                                                              30's KATY PERRY

source:                                                                                                   source: Maxim Magazine



40's EVA MENDES                                                                                              50's LISA WILKINSON

source: Mark Hom for Marie Claire                                                                source: Steven Chee 


60's CYNDI LAUPER                                                                                         70's SUSAN SARANDON

source:                                                                                                      source: Jeff Lipsky

Expert tip from bhave

“Just like your skin, damaged hair ages easily, no matter what age you are. However, the hair shaft tends to become thinner and more brittle as you age making it susceptible to breakage and dryness. The products that you use should be top priority and high quality.”