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Hair Care Myth Busting!

Hair Care Myth Busting!

Hair Care Myth Busting!

Hair challenges affect us all, it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got Rapunzel locks or a textured pixie, we all have our hair battles! Many of us will go to great lengths to battle our hair frustrations and try almost anything to get those gorgeous healthy locks.

We listen to tips from our family, friends, hairdressers and even the lady with gorgeous hair on the train! We watch YouTube tutorials one after another, read blogs from start to finish and compile a long list of hair do’s and don'ts... but how many are myths and how many will actually give us the luscious and healthy locks we have been dreaming of?!

Well we’re putting some of these do’s and don’ts to the test! To give you and your hair the best chance, we have donned our lab jackets and tested some of these hair myths to find the real truths that will care for your hair.

It’s time to get hair care myth busting!

If you pull out a grey hair 2 or 3 will grow back in its place


For each strand there is still only one hair follicle that will grow back, but this doesn’t

mean you should start pulling out those greys!

WHY IT’S A BAD IDEA: The hair that grows back will still be grey, and in the process of pulling it out you could damage the follicle which could lead to bald patches.

BETTER IDEA: Instead of pulling out those greys, speak with your stylist about bhave colour. With bhave 360 Professional Colour you can have rich, vibrant, full coverage colour in just 10 minutes! bhave 360 is a colour that supports the health of your hair with a blend of plant-based keratin containing 18 amino acids whilst covering even the most resistant greys. * resistant grey may take a little longer.

Sleeping with wet hair gives you a cold or can make you sick


A cold is caused by a virus, not from being cold! Wet hair won’t increase your vulnerability to getting sick, unless you are so cold that you could get hypothermia, which makes you susceptible to infection.

WHY IT’S A BAD IDEA: There’s no guarantee how your hair will look in the morning, after some unconscious tossing and turning, and you might have to spend even MORE time styling it! Hair is also at its weakest when wet so it can lead to breakage.

BETTER IDEA: If you’re really pressed for time in the morning and won’t be able to wash and dry, invest in a silk pillowcase to minimise hair friction that can lead to breakage, and use bhave volumising foam to deliver volume, body and shine all in one!

The only solution for split ends or damaged hair is to cut it


Cutting your hair is one solution, but not the only option!

BETTER IDEA: If you can’t handle the idea of a drastic chop you can repair those locks with an intensive rescue treatment. Ask your hairdresser for a bhave Rescue Therapy treatment and rebuild those locks without the chop. Derived from a bioactive keratin protein (it’s almost identical to our keratin!) this in-salon intense treatment will reverse severe damage and leaves hair protected, repaired and lusciously silky!

At home you can treat your ends to some daily nourishment with Fresh Ends, and a weekly Deep Conditioning Masque, and grow that hair like Rapunzel!

Oily hair is caused by too much conditioner or washing your hair every day


When hair is feeling oily we all tend to fall into that trap of feeling the need to wash our hair more often, and lather the product to really cut through the oil. But washing your hair every day is actually counter-productive to the very issue you’re trying to combat!

WHY IT'S A BAD IDEA: Over-washing hair actually strips the scalp of its natural oils, and your body tries to combat this by producing sebum oil to provide moisture and form a protective barrier… and the cycle continues.

BETTER IDEA: Space your washes out. This might be quite a challenge for those long-term everyday washers but this will be vital training for your scalp and hair to regain their balance. Also remember that conditioner is for the mid-lengths and ends of your hair! Your scalp self-conditions with the production of natural oils, so lathering on the conditioner is the highway to oil city!

If oiliness is a hair concern of yours and you’d like more on this topic, and the routine to re-balance your scalp, read our blog about oily scalp here.

The shampoo and conditioner your friend uses will have the same results for you


Although you might find that some products do work for both you and the person recommending them, more often than not you need to change it up a little to suit your hair.

It may be a slightly different shampoo, or styling product to follow, you just need to remember that we are all unique and not to give up if your friends hair looks gorgeous and sadly their shampoo doesn’t do the same for you!

If you’re not sure where to start, choosing the right shampoo and conditioner is an important step one! Getting the base right helps everything else that follows.

Not sure which shampoo is best for you? Use our shampoo grid to match the perfect bhave range to your hair!

That’s our lab coat session done for today, but tribe have you got any hair myths you can bust for us? We’d love to hear what you have tried and found to be busted!

bhave xx