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Hair Myth busting...It's Back!

Hair Myth busting...It's Back!

Dayum, bhave! Back at it again with the hair myth debunking.

Those little birdies have been let out again, and have been busted spreading lies about hair care, and we have had enough of it! It’s time (again), to differentiate fact from fiction, and with our years and years of hair experience, we are perfectly equipped to give you the lowdown. So, pop in a hair mask, grab a cuppa, and sit back, it’s about to get juicy.

1.Trimming your hair every 6 weeks makes it grow faster

Verdict: FALSE

First, let’s get something straight: hair grows from the scalp. This means that the quality of the end of your hair doesn’t actually affect hair growth at all. The reason that this rumor is hotter than hot is that removing split ends and breakages will often make your hair look thicker and healthier - but not actually longer.

Better idea: A winning way to help your hair grow quicker is to apply a hair mask weekly. This will restore moisture and prevent you needing to lose length because of pesky split ends. We suggest a combination of a deep conditioning masque and fresh ends for that extra moisture, repair and for more time in between trims.

2. Air drying is better than blow drying

Verdict: FALSE

Although most of us would easily believe that less heat = better hair condition, surprisingly it’s not always the case. We do agree that prolonged exposure to intense heat can put undue stress on your precious locks and cause breakage. But here’s a sneaky truth. When your hair is wet for a long period of time, it swells up which can put pressure on the proteins that keep your hair intact, and actually weaken your hair (shocker!).

Better idea: A perfect, happy medium is a bit of half-half. Either let your hair air dry until it’s about halfway there, then finish off with the hair dryer on low to medium heat or vice versa. It doesn’t really matter as long as your hair isn’t under heat for too long, and your hair isn’t wet for too long!

3. Stress causes graying

Verdict: FALSE

Don’t stress! Stress is totally unrelated to your hair colour. What a relief! Your natural colour is determined by genetics and ageing, and is not really controlled by environmental factors unless you’re spending too much time in the sun (in which case, hello blondie!). However, stress can actually cause your hair to fall out, and if you are a certain age, these hairs will likely grow back grey.

Better idea: Chill out! Take some time every day to put your feet up and unwind, you deserve it and… don’t sweat a few scattered glitters in your hair, they’re a sign of maturity and we say embrace it!

4. The more you brush, the healthier your hair

Verdict: FALSE

While running a brush through your hair a few times a day will make you look more presentable and will help spread your natural oils from your roots to your ends, it won’t actually make it healthier. While we’d all like hair like Marsha Brady’s, copying her 100 strokes a day method will not actually do any good for your hair. On the other hand, brushing creates friction in your hair, which can cause frizz and breakage.

Better idea: Gently brush your hair only when necessary, and for healthier hair without #extra brushing rituals, invest in an incredible shampoo and conditioner.

Now you know that these myths are FALSE, go and spread the word, and stay in touch to see our next installment of ‘Hair Myth busting’.

Yours in beautiful hair,

bhave xx

Your hair, Your life, Your Rules!