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Happy New Year, bhave babes!

Happy New Year, bhave babes!

2018 was a big year for hair. From the rise of the pink to blonde ombre, to the return of the scrunchie, there’s a lot to get excited about looking back, and a lot more to get excited about looking forward to 2019.

Before we jump in to the full swing of the New Year, let’s take a minute to repair some of the inevitable damage of the festive season.

An Aussie summer can cause all sorts of hell for your hair, so if you’ve spent your summer holidays sipping cocktails by the pool, soaking up a tan and neglecting your hair it’s time to do some repair work! If you’ve been rocking dry and broken hair, never fear; we have your journey to recovery sorted.

First off, start your repair work by making sure you’re using a shampoo and conditioner that is paraben and sulphate free, and one that will nourish and moisturise your hair from the inside out! We recommend rescue shampoo and conditioner to rebuild and repair dry and damaged hair needing some love. Once the correct foundations have been laid, delve into the ultimate TLC with a deep conditioning masque to restore moisture and shine, improve elasticity and repair broken hair. Finally, make sure you are treating your hair all day long with some leave-in creme for continued nourishment and repair! For hair really screaming SOS book yourself in for a rescue therapy treatment; find your nearest salon here.

Now that your hair is up to scratch, it’s time to think about our fave looks to try in 2019! Nothing says ‘new year, new me’ like a fresh hair style. Here are a few ideas of how you can start the new year with your best foot (and hair) forward!


Img. via Pinterest

Perfect for: if your New Year’s Resolution is ‘get down to business’

When it comes to finding a look that oozes femininity and boss-babe vibes, look no further than the long bob; the lob. This sleek do is utterly flattering on all faces and is the perfect combo of low-maintenance and versatile, so you can dress it up, dress it down or not dress it at all.

For that essential bit of extra volume and texture, we recommend scrunching some gunpowder dust through your roots to add fullness and eliminate any excess oil that might drag your look down. 


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Perfect for: if your New Year’s Resolution is ‘embrace your creative side’

Kick 2019 off with a bang - literally. Bangs, or fringes, have been on the up and up in style for the last few years, and they show no signs of stopping. To absolutely transform your face, and your life, look no further.

For all our bangin’ babes, keep your fringe looking fierce with a small drop of riot control oil, to eliminate frizz and add shine. 


Img via Pinterest

Perfect for: if your New Year’s Resolution is ‘live your best life’

There is never a bad time to dye your hair a bold colour - but the New Year can sometimes give us the courage we didn’t know we had to do it! Find a colour that excites and inspires you and kick off 2019 in style.

We are currently living for the vibrant and edgy ‘Living Coral’ colour, the 2019 Pantone colour of the year. A combination of the baby pink and copper colours we knew well in 2018, this new winner will enhance all eye colours and soften all skin tones - yes please!

Now it’s up to you how you want to start the year out, but knowing our tribe we don’t doubt that it will be fierce! To get your monthly fix of all things hair, and to stay up to date with product launches and promotions sign up to join the bhave tribe! You might even receive a little cheeky something from us to get your hair journey started.

bhave xx