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Hints, Tips and Tricks...more trade secrets from those in the know!

Hints, Tips and Tricks...more trade secrets from those in the know!

Hints, Tips and Tricks … more trade secrets from those in the know!

WHY is my hair always SO on fleek after leaving the salon? And HOW do I get it to look and feel like this all day, er’ day?

We’re glad you asked! In this series we gather the best kept secrets from bhave’s family of top stylists, and give them straight to you.

Last month we tapped into the bright and (very) informed brain of long-time stylist, Lara, for her best kept hair secrets.

This week, we have picked the brain of Jo, our resident educator in the sunny state of QLD, and you’ll LOVE what we found.

Jo’s Top Secret #1

If diamonds are a girl’s best friend, moisture and protection are your hairs’!

For a little extra boost in both, I mix a little leave-in crème, fresh ends and a pump of riot control oil together and apply it to damp, pre-washed hair, then dry and style as usual.

Extra tip: When blow-drying, always direct/blow the air down the hair shaft. This closes the cuticle of the hair for a smoother, shinier finish. Now that’s a win!

Jo’s Tip Secret #2

I’m a Mum, and a pretty busy one at that, so sometimes I just don’t have the time (or the energy) to wash my hair when it needs it. So, if a wash is a day or two overdue, I throw in a pump of gunpowder dust to absorb that unflattering extra oil and give me a boost of volume to get me through the day feeling fresh!

Jo’s Top Secret #3

If your bobby pins are slipping around like a kid on a waterslide, simply spray them with gunpowder dust or hairspray to keep them in place!


Now, shhhh. This is one of my best kept secrets - ever!

After putting riot control oil through my hair to contain frizz and add massive shine, I’ll sneak two pumps of the good stuff onto my skin. It makes my legs so damn smooth and silky! 

A Minute with Jo

Favourite Motto or Quote

Don’t be sorry, just don’t do it! (Hey, I’m a Mum)

What music are you listening to right now?

Bruno Mars!

What’s your prediction for the next hair trend?

Colour: Dirty blonde, dark roots and warmer, more natural golden ends - a more natural and easy maintenance blonde.

Styling: Volume and bounce! Diverting away from the sleep and back to the volume. Braids are going nowhere and curls will be back for good!

The most important thing is a colour and style that suits YOU. Think about your own style, personality, lifestyle and wardrobe and suit your hair to that!

Tell us a bit about your background in the hair industry

I have been hairdressing for… OMG, thirty years! I started my career in London where I was a stylist for five years before I became an educator. I then opened my own salon in London, and then moved to Australia and opened two salons.

Now I work with the fantastic bhave team in Queensland and I absolutely love it!

Finally, your ideal holiday: Beach or snow?

Adventure, adventure, adventure! I just love experiencing other cultures and seeing the world.

Favourite bhave™ products

I am obsessed with riot control oil and gunpowder dust. You can’t go wrong with frizz free, voluminous hair!