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How to avoid horror hair days - halloween excluded!

How to avoid horror hair days - halloween excluded!

Halloween hair is fun but nobody wants to experience it more than once a year and bed hair and bad hair days are frustrating at best and confidence zapping at their worst.

That's why we've made a list of mojo reinstating, bad hair day fixes to help take you from sad to sassy.

  1. If time permits start from fresh. If you can wash and dry your hair again don’t procrastinate, just do it. If that’s not possible read on.
  2. Try a sleek ponytail styled using a pomade to smooth and banish any frizz. It’s quick and stylish.Click here for sleek inspiration.
  3. Opt for a tousled, beachy look by slightly dampening your hair and giving it a good spritz of salt spray.
  4. Braids, braids, braids. There is a reason they’ve had a revival. They are easy to do, have lots of variations and they work well for dirty hair too! To pick up some tips click here.
  5. Dry shampoo for when your hair feels like an oil slick but you don’t have time to wash and dry it. Lightly spray your hair at the roots, leave for a couple of minutes then brush through. Presto you’re good to go.
  6. Updo’s – having some great hair accessories in your draw for those 'nothing works' moments is a life saver. For pin up inspiration check these.
  7. If you're waging war with your flat hair, try adding some volume at the roots with our gunpowder or hang your head upside down and give the roots a blast of hot air from your hairdryer.

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