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how to be on your best “bhaviour” in a strapless dress

how to be on your best “bhaviour” in a strapless dress

Like the thousands of bobby pins that have disappeared never to be seen again on your bedroom floor, the perfect dress can be i-m-p-o-s-s-i-b-l-e to find! “Is it the right colour?”, “Does it fit in all the right places?”, and “Should you have gone with the strapless?” are just the beginning to the concerns that often begin to grow in your mind. We’re telling you there’s way more important things to worry about (like your favourite bhave shampoo and conditioner running out) then spending hours worrying about a dress we all know you will rock!

Strapless dresses are sexy but can often be tricky when it comes to choosing the right hairstyle so LISTEN UP! The team at bhave have your back as the straps of your dress sure don’t!



A bhave babe is an event in themselves. We don’t just go to parties, we are the party and the dress code is whatever makes us feel gorgeous. When wearing strapless dresses we often consider whether the event we’re attending is casual or posh, as whilst “prom hair” may not be the most suitable for a friend’s BBQ, we’re always down to try things a first time - our prom sure taught us that riot oil can keep your hair frizz free no matter how heated a situation can get.


Are you planning to shine for the stars or are you once again taking your little black dress for a spin? No matter the dress choice, remember to take into account the fabric and style of dress you’ll be sashaying around in to ensure you choose a hairstyle that compliments your choice of strapless.


Choosing a strapless dress is all about showing some skin! Remembering to perfectly balance your hair style with the amount of skin you’re showing can greatly enhance your overall style and sex appeal - it may come as a surprise but we do like to leave some things to the imagination.


Be sure nothing rains on your parade by styling your hair for the weather! You can always put on a coat if you’re cold, but if rain or humidity came for your hair would you be prepared? By choosing soft loose hair styles for the outdoors and leaving highly structured hairstyles powered by a cocktail of products for the indoors, you will be able to confidently wear the hell out of your strapless!


Wait a minute, did someone say cocktail? Armed with sustainable active salon professional hair products, achieving a captivating hair style to compliment your strapless dress is easy! If only we could decide on just one…


Are you looking to turn up the heat at a fancy up and coming event? Go sleek and sexy or alternatively turn up the volume to ensure you’re heard in a room full of people dressed their best! 

Ideal for a sultry editorial ponytail or a fierce tight up style, apply our sleek pomade or an effortless chic style to compliment your jaw dropping strapless number.

If you’re known to be loud and draw a crowd then let your hair down! By applying a volumising dust to your roots whilst combing volumising foam to the length of your locks you can create thick hot texture.

If you’re too busy leading up to your special occasion to conjure this hair magic yourself then we’re certain one of our incredible salons are just itching to have their way with you! Visit our salon locator to locate your closest root specialist. 



We’re criminals for keeping it casual, but who doesn’t like a misbhaving babe?! Just because we like to live in strapless cotton dresses and baggy boho blouses does not mean we don’t care about how we look - we just like to be comfortable and stylish at the same time!

For stunning lush tresses of cascading curls our go-to is our curl defining crème to hydrate and tighten our locks for a look as effortless as our wardrobe. Being a bhave babe isn’t all just play - we’ve got to work and to ensure our hairstyle is unaffected we simply pull it back with a tie or braid.

Sometimes when our hair is misbhaving we like to flex our muscles and say not today hair! By applying a touch of flex styling paste to our locks we can tame long hair into a messy textural bun and short hair into a mane of effortless matte structure and volume.

it’s your hair, your life, your rules…

Going strapless allows you to take a weight off your shoulders in order to feel effortlessly sexy. Remember bhave babes, it’s your hair, your life and your rules that control your world so let’s teach our misbehaving