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how to bhave this self-improvement September

how to bhave this self-improvement September

We all know “Tina the Talking Tummy”, “Cellulite Sally” and our most hated acquaintance “Frieda the Frizzy Hot Mess” who is responsible for our bad hair days, but what are we doing to show them the door once and for all? At bhave we’re all about embracing our individuality, living our lives by our own rules, by our own ideas of what beauty is, yet many of us are guilty of focusing on our weaknesses instead of our strengths.

To celebrate Self-Improvement September, we’re here to discuss ways we combat these negative thoughts, to strengthen and condition ourselves to ensure we constantly feel powerful and beautiful - a bhave babes birth right!

let’s get physical

As bhave babes we love to get physical, but sometimes the thought of heading off to our local gym or yoga/pilates studio is as far as we get. Surprise us with an intense sweat sesh and we’ll happily humour you, but ask us to fit in a regular exercise routine when we’re getting our hair done next Friday, well it feels like you’re asking too much!

We’re here to tell you that baby steps - a trigger word for some - are all you need to create a realistic fitness plan that you can actually stick to! Taking it outdoors sometimes (there’s nothing like getting hot and sweaty at the beach or park) will also help you nurture your body and mind to ensure you constantly feel like the drop-dead gorgeous babe we all know you are.

you are what you eat

Ladies, we’d have understood men years ago if this was true, but oh boy we can see the damage after one night of passion with sugar. Red spots, oily hair and skin are never cute, that’s where meal prep may just be your hot new fling! Requiring a bit of planning, preparing your meals in advance can seriously save you time and money, whilst ensuring that you eat the right types of foods to keep you fighting fit and feeling great!

If you’re new to healthy eating we recommend you take it slow, otherwise you may risk a serious sugar relapse. Remember to allow yourself a treat once in a while by finding some “clean eating” recipes - which are just as messy as normal eating if you ask us, but certainly help to keep you on the right track.

it’s all about me!

It’s a big world out there and us bhave babes need to look out for ourselves as there’s no fun in finishing last! By dedicating at least 20 minutes of daily “me time” to relax and de-stress you can be well on your way to feeling new and improved. Need to take care of problem skin or hair? Now’s the time to look at some serious rescue therapy! Listen to your favourite music or read that novel that’s been gathering dust! Our 20 minutes of “me time” is sacred so we’re going to run that bubble bath, light that candle and put on a hair masque to kick back and recharge! Why not join us?

Finding the path to self-improvement

Self-Improvement September is already here so what are you going to do to nurture YOU? Helping others through volunteering, finding a hobby or planning your next holiday getaway are all great places to start, but we prefer to start with ourselves - by learning to love what the world loves about us.

Looking after your outside will always help you feel better on the inside. Well bhaved hair will give you the confidence to shine and be the best YOU you can be! Remember bhave babes, it’s your hair, your life and your rules - so begin your path to self-improvement today!