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How to cut to the chase when facing a chop.

How to cut to the chase when facing a chop.

Going for a haircut can be like dropping your favourite Jeffree Star highlighter only to pick it up and discover that the world hates you. It’s one thing for life to ruin our days with work and the need to do laundry, but it’s a whole other issue when it decides to crack the perfect pressed powder that you’ve relied on for months. It didn’t take the bhave team long to give life’s many curve balls the finger (a sassy thumbs up of course) and begin to live life by our own rules.

Last week we shared tips on how to speak in colour, to have you speaking fluent in hairdresser when you finally give in to the colour change that has constantly been present in your dreams - behind your dream a hunky man of course, but hey, we can’t wait around for Gosling to notice us! Now we’re back to share a few tips on how you can cut to the chase with your next haircut so you walk away confident and happy with your new do! Ladies, we know that some like it long, some like it short and others somewhere in between so listen up and take notes, ‘cos no one likes a bad haircut!

Techniques to tame hair thick enough to scare.

Thick and dense is a trigger word for us - we get all hot and flushed because as we know, thick hair can be down right scary! Take a moment to flashback to Disney’s The Princess Diaries (the girl definitely needed a bhave vent brush) and you can totally relate why as a child you never wanted to brush your hair. Knowing how to talk the talk with your hairdresser and explaining in their terms the need for weight removal, layering, thinning or an undercut could be the difference you need! Forget crawling out of bed afraid of your hair. Tame your mane so you can begin your day the right way!

weight removal – is your hair thick, dense, and constantly wet? Or do you desire something lighter, looser and more flowing to fit your free spirited bhave babe attitude? Ask your stylist to take weight out of your hair during your next salon visit and sashay away with that unnecessary weight off your shoulders.

layers – whilst we struggle to keep them on at the best of times, layers help lessen density and create movement with your hair. Strategically placed shorter pieces of hair, layers give your hair volume and dimension, transporting your hair fluff to yaaasss!

TIP: BE CAREFUL. If done incorrectly on certain hair types, layers will create too much volume and could potentially make your hair harder to handle - if you’re a true bhave babe, you’ve got energy to go all night long so know when you need to turn it down.

thinning – not a fad diet - this is essential for those with thick, dense tresses who want to eliminate bulkiness. Reducing hair weight and softening the features of a hairstyle, thinning will make your hair easier to manage, allowing you to recreate your stylist’s stunning style at home, even after a cheeky drink or two!

ANOTHER TIP: Many hairstylists will rely on thinning scissors to achieve this as it’s quick and easy - of course, we’re none of those things!This is not an issue on short bobs as your hair gets cut more frequently, but this is not what you want for your longhair. Our Creative Director Neil often uses a combination of feathering and point cutting to create super-fine layers and adds dimension, great texture and captivating movement.

undercut – Who said a buzz cut was just for the men in our lives? This edgy trending look will help lift weight from your hair, while also allowing you to be a little more playful with your look. An undercut can be anything from a shaved head to a sliver of hair shaved underneath the top mantle of your hair which is one of the most popular hair trends right now - just look at Ruby Rose’s edgy style!

Thin hair don’t care!

Is your hair on the other end of the scale - thin and in need of some life? We’re telling you it’s time to turn up the volume with our volumising foam and to remember these styles for your next salon visit to turn limp locks to luscious locks.

a blunt cut – also known as a solid or heavy cut, a blunt cut cuts to the chase, containing no layers and is cut straight across where the weight falls on the bottom of the hair. Blunt cuts are better suited for fine-haired ladies since they create the illusion of density and volume - not that us bhave babe’s need more volume.

graduation – if only achieving our high school diploma was as easy! A graduation cut allows your hair to gradually fall from longer to short in order to create volume. Think Victoria Beckham’s bob graduated at the back or graduate all the way to the front, creating volume and lift which will frame your face to chic new heights!

TIP: Short haired ladies listen up! Fine hair should not be cut in a graduated style if it has grown beyond shoulder length as the ends of your hair begin to look too thin. This style is great for ladies who are looking to soften their angular facial features.

Caught in the middle of thick and thin hair?

We would happily be stuck in the middle with you as combination hair can often gift you the best of both worlds. During your next salon visit remember the bob, the bangs, the pixie and techniques such as texturising and dusting to achieve a striking fashion forward style.

the bob – is a dorky dance move we pull out late on a Friday night but also happens to be a haircut with the weight line at your chin/just below the ears. A lob is a slightly longer version of the bob, with the weight line grazing the collarbone. Perfectly powerful, this style is easily manageable and has often been known to strike fierce energy into your home and professional style. Banged and tossed with a puff of Gunpowder your chic style will be taken to louder edgy heights!

the bangs - don’t get too excited, we know everyone loves a good bang A.K.A a fringe. Bangs as we know them are a face-framing layer of hair cut over the eyes. This can be side-swept and blended into layers with the rest of your hair, blunt and heavy, or cut straight-across. No matter what the position, we’re into it!

the pixie – a sleek sharp haircut that transforms one fierce girl pal into a jaw dropping bhave babe. Cut close to the scalp, this androgynous look is captivating with a contemporary edge seen on the likes of Kristen Steward, Miley Cyrus, Twiggy, Kaley Cuoco, Michelle Williams, Pink, and Mia Farrow. Not for the faint of heart this style works with thin and thick hair as your stunning facial features and bone structure are the real hero of this edgy style.

dusting – like when you can’t be bothered cleaning, dusting should be used when you really just want a trim. Removing split and dry ends, this technique should not change your current hairstyle and is recommended for those seeking to grow their hair and/or refresh their current style.

texturising – We love us a bit of texture especially when using our flex styling paste this look is created when the hair is cut into different lengths to produce a variety of different looks. Short hair can be texturised to give a spiky look and long hair in the same way can be made to look shaggy and wayfaring.

It’s your hair, your life, your rules…

Don’t be afraid to cut to the chase when you undergo your next chop. Whether your hair is thick, thin, or somewhere in between, at bhave, we don’t discriminate - you’ve only got one head of hair and one life to live so dare to be different and confidently experiment with your style!

In need of a stylist? Visit our salon locator to hone in on your closest bhave salon. We can’t wait to misbhave with you!