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How To Grow Curly Hair

How To Grow Curly Hair

Those of us blessed with a crown of curls often feel it takes forever to grow!

Yes, it’s true, shrinkage is REAL and we're not talking about guys who have been out in the cold, we're talking about ladies who have been blessed with a curly mop. How much shrinkage can you expect? Well, that depends on whether your curls are loose and wavy or tight… So, the curlier the hair, the more shrinkage you’ll have… Basically this means we’re a show-er not a grower!

So how does a curly haired beauty grow her mane to the same length as her wavy or straight haired counterpart?

Well, curly hair needs to be treated differently, it requires extra care and attention and we know it can be drier and more prone to breakage so we’ve put together a few steps to help you achieve the hair you’ve been longing for:

1.DO use a wide tooth comb or even your fingers to detangle BEFORE washing your hair. Attempting to use a fine-toothed comb or brush will only cause damage and breakage.

2.DON’T shampoo every day. Daily washing strips the hair of natural oils, making it more likely to break. When you do wash, only wash once and use the shampoo best suited to your hair (see The Shampoo Grid if you’re unsure)

3.DO use a rich conditioner and condition your hair in sections, this will help you get through to each and every strand. Always start at the ends and work your way up. If your hair isn’t damaged around the scalp, only condition from the mid-lengths to ends.

4.DO treat damaged hair with a bhave deep masqueevery second wash (or twice a month). Curly hair naturally lacks weight and moisture so keeping the hair conditioned and hydrated is a must.TIP: If you leave the masque in for longer than 2 minutes (i.e. performing an intense 20 minute treatment) it’s very important to rinse the masque and condition the hair to seal the cuticle closed.

5.DON’T rub! When drying, squeeze the moisture out by gently ringing out excess water with your hands or try using a cotton t-shirt or microfibre cloth, this will help avoid breakage and the f-word FRIZZ.

6.DON”T brush your hair after washing it and definitely don’t brush it when it’s dry. Avoid touching your hair all together once it’s washed, unless you want the attack of the frizz!

7.DO apply a leave- in creme to damp hair, it will help keep hair moisturised in between washes and provides extra conditioning which protects against breakage as well as promoting cell growth. (Hallelujah- your hair will grow!) Our curl-defining creme is specifically formulated to enhance the curl and banish the frizz.

8.DO avoid using too much heat on your mane, this includes blowies, curling and straightening, it will only lead to more breakage. We know our mops require heat from time to time, so be sure to set your diffuser to a low heat and prep your hair with the curl defining creme before drying.

9.DO get regular trims and DON’T attempt to cut your own hair! It’s always best to find a stylist who specialises in curly hair. Believe it or not, having your hair trimmed regularly will promote hair growth and will keep it looking fabulous and fresh.

DO take care of yourself from the inside and out! While we use topical products to fight the problem from the outside, it’s just as important to protect yourself on the inside. Drink plenty of water daily and make sure you get enough protein, iron and omega-3 fatty acids in your diet as they contribute to hair strength and health.

We know the struggle is real sometimes, and hopefully, with these tips and a few bhave products by your side, your hair will stop misbhaving and finally grow to new lengths.