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How to grow out your fringe/bangs and skip that awkward “in-between” phase

The journey of growing out your bangs can leave you feeling and looking like a hot mess, but when you finally get it right - damn, it feels good! There’s that stage in every girl’s life where we decide to make the chop and rock the bangs for a while, but what happens when we decide we don’t want them anymore? Say so-long to that misbhaving “in-between” stage and say hello to some kick-ass hair styles that will get you through until those bangs grow out. We say it’s time to break the rules, to take your life into your own hands.

“Don’t get me wrong I loved my fringe, but when you’re married to a busy hairdresser the saying the shoemaker’s children (or wife in this instance) goes barefoot is so true!” - Sheryl Cleminson, Co-Creative Genius behind bhave haircare.

Sheryl is married to bhave’s Co-Founder and hairdresser of 26 years, Neil Cleminson and can’t even tie him down for her regular bhave smoothing treatment! With two cow licks and a frizzy mop and fringe, she found it increasingly hard to tame the mane in that terrible “in-between” stage. Lucky enough, she’s armed with an arsenal of styling products, so she set out to tame her bangs and uncovered fashion forward looks to bring you, our lovely readers, back to bhave babe status!

blonde fringe girl.jpg


If you’re as good with your hands as we are, you’ll have no trouble bending your fringe/bangs to your will. Love, cherish and adore your hair every day of the week by taking a page from the world of Hollywood chic.


Braids get the babes! They’re fierce, versatile, and will help you peak to fashionable heights. Whether you’re going to work, to a festival, or out on the town, begin your week with sleek boxer braids or a flirty french fringe to draw attention away from your awkward “in-between” phase.

“I’m a huge fan of braids, they are so versatile with so many variants. It does take a bit of practice, but it’s worth it” says Sheryl.


Love them or hate them, the Kardashians are on to something! Whilst intimidating, these tight braids can shave hours off your morning routine. So enlist your BFF and keep yourself together all week long by applying bhave’s flexible styling paste to your hair before braiding to minimise satellite hairs to rock this fiery look all week!

french braid fringe.jpg


A flirty french fringe is the go-to braid to soften your face and a secret weapon to setting that awkward “in-between" phrase straight. Add a drop of hair oil to give your look a captivating shine. With a glowing confidence and your dreaded “in-between” bangs out of mind, you’re ready to love your hair again - living your life by your own rules!

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Simplicity is at the heart of chic on-trend looks, so no need to panic if your braid game isn’t up to scratch. Undergoing a keratin smoothing treatment, not only fights the dreaded frizz, but also assists in taming your mane on a daily basis. Say so long to those early mornings as you no longer have to spend hours each day to look your best. Simply wake up and style your hair to look like these latest and greatest trends!


The whimsical half knot transports your “messy hair don’t care” attitude into a fashionable statement. Begin tying half of your hair back into a knot being sure to pull in your frustrating fringe. If your bangs aren’t long enough, add a few bobby pins or a slither ofpomade to keep those baby hairs from falling out, before strutting out the door to take on the world!

brunette slicked ponytail


When all else fails and you’re rushing out the door, apply some bhave sleek pomade or flex styling paste to make jaws hit the floor! Tie your hair up into a high or low ponytail to complete the look!

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Do you have a big event on, or just want to feel gorgeously glam? Hair accessories aren’t just for the brave - experiment with the versatile array of edgy wearables that are trending right now! Begin by parting your hair in the centre or wherever your part naturally falls, before clipping in your choice of metallic accessories. Bohemian at heart? Why not embrace a head scarf and dream away the day thinking about your much trendier alter ego frolicking around the wanderlust town of Byron Bay.

PRO TIP: “Keeping your regular hair appointments while growing out your fringe will ensure you live through the awkward in-between stage. Just ask your hairdresser to help with a gradual haircut to help blend in your fringe with the rest of your hairstyle." Neil Cleminson, Co-Creative Genius behind bhave.

All in all, growing out your bangs can be intimidating but when you break the rules with bhave no one will ever know the difference! Being sleek, stylish and sexy has never been easier or more fun! Live your life your way - get creative, be brave and show your hair who’s boss!

Styling products - July 2015

Your Hair, Your Life, Your Rules!