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How to have a happy scalp and healthy hair

How to have a happy scalp and healthy hair

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It’s easy to focus on the health of your hair. It’s right there in front of you, showing you how it’s feeling on a daily basis, but your scalp is hidden under your locks and like they say, out of sight out of mind. While we can all be a little guilty of ignoring our scalp, it’s an important part of your hair health. Think of it as the topsoil that a healthy garden blooms from.

Little known but significant scalp health facts:

  • Your scalp ages just like the rest of your skin. Ageing skin tends to lose its moisture and its ability to form a protective barrier to keep moisture and goodness in. This breakdown in the moisture level of your scalp and its ability to form a barrier is also one of the causes of irritation in the form of itchiness, redness, dandruff and ultimately can lead to brittle, dry or thin hair.
  • Healthy scalps have good blood flow and are thick.
  • Your hair follicles rely on the natural oils from the glands around them to keep them healthy.
  • Keeping your scalp happy and healthy is fundamental to keeping your hair looking good.
  • If your scalp is healthy it improves the structure of your hair follicle and provides the perfect environment to promote hair growth.
  • If your scalp gets continually sun damaged it may lead to an increase in thinning of your hair. Find yourself a stylish hat and grab a bottle of super nova to help protect your hair and scalp from UV damage.
  • Scalp health is affected by diet, medication, hormonal changes and chemical hair processes. Eating well, keeping hydrated and using good quality hair care like our scalp shampoo, which is specifically formulated to soothe irritation, is essential to the health of your scalp and hair.
  • Next time you’re washing your hair give yourself a mini head massage using all ten of your fingers and kneading your scalp like you’re making dough. A scalp massage not only feels divine but helps increase the blood flow and lymphatic drainage in the head.
  • Washing your hair with extremely hot water is not good for your scalp.
  • Your scalp needs to be exfoliated just like your face and body. This helps to remove the buildup of dead skin cells and products that accumulate. Massaging an exfoliating masque into your scalp once a month will keep it healthy. For a DIY exfoliate treatment for your scalp mix a tablespoon of coarse sugar with your bhave shampoo and massage gently into your scalp before rinsing as normal and finishing with conditioner.

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