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how to live that rapunzel hair life

how to live that rapunzel hair life

We hear it all the time… “My hair just won’t grow”, “I have so much breakage”, “HOW DO I GET LOCKS LIKE ELLE MACPHERSON?!”. We’d love to break the internet with some groundbreaking secret, but really the answer is no secret at all…. HEALTHY LOCKS!

When your hair is healthy not only is styling easier, your locks are more manageable, stronger and resistant to damage, frizz and fly-aways, but it also grows A LOT faster. When you think about it it’s an easy hair equation (promise no difficult math); less damage = less breakage = locks that will be giving Rapunzel a run for her money soon enough!


As with everything, healthy locks start from deep within. Feed your body with a balance of nutrition right for you and it will have the power to transform your mane (amongst some other amazing transformations). Your body is a transformative powerhouse, it just needs the right fuel!


Supporting your locks with the right range of products is key to a mane that needs no introduction, and it all comes down to ingredients!

bhave™ is the first Australian hair care brand to introduce the benefits of a patented bioactive keratin technology. This gently extracted keratin protein is naturally derived and has the unique ability to penetrate the hair shaft whilst being able to bind to severely damaged hair; rebuilding the internal structure and restoring strength, elasticity and shine to every strand of hair from the inside out.

Bioactive keratin perfectly matches hair keratin, so the link is seamless, locking the hairs structure in place which is essential for the protein to perform its role - keeping hair strong and flexible. Other keratin technologies destroy the vital amino acids and proteins when heat extracted, losing the important traction needed to bind for genuine hair repair.

In addition to the reparative and transforming power of bioactive keratin the bhave™ range is paraben, sulphate and sodium chloride free, and powered by active natural ingredients, oils and butters to protect, nourish and condition locks to live their healthiest and most luscious life!

BONUS bhave™ TIP

To prevent hair loss and breakage opt for gentler hairstyles on your locks (let that mane down and free as much as you can!), cool down on the hot tool styling, try to wash your hair a maximum of twice a week, and swap your pillowcase from cotton to satin to limit friction and breakage while you toss and turn at night!

Well you forced it out of us, and the Rapunzel hair secret is out, but now it’s in your hands to get those locks living their best life! Share your hair journey with us on Instagram and Facebook by tagging @bhavehair, or get in touch with any specific hair concerns so that we can help - we’re always here for our tribe!

Your hair, your life, your rules!

bhave xx