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How to unleash the magic of your curls

How to unleash the magic of your curls

Curly hair

If you spend more time frustrated with your curls than in love with them this post is for you. You might have forgotten that girls with curls are the envy of all the straight haired girls out there. We want to remind you that, even though they may drive you mad, your curls are a hidden blessing that deserve your love. We’ve got you covered with some tips on how to work them well.

Curl detractors - to avoid:

  • Styles that leave you with bulk laden ends, including anything that forms a triangular shape.
  • Fine-tooth combs – just say no!
  • Washing your hair daily. Losing more natural oils is not an option.
  • Brushing your hair – full stop.
  • Swimming or exercising without a touch of leave-in crème. That’s a recipe for a frizz fight right there.
  • Anyone running their fingers through your hair – as if we need to tell you that!

Curl enhancers – to embrace:

  • Loose braids, headbands and buns. These turn “what the!” hair days into “you go girl!” days.
  • Longer layers and a good cut unleash the power of the curl.
  • A good stylist is more valuable than gold. If you see a curly haired sister with a great cut, step out of your comfort zone and ask her where she got her hair cut. This may be a life changing opportunity.
  • Conditioning your hair well and allowing it to soak in after washing. Your ends will reward you for it.
  • Deep conditioning treatments are a necessity for girls with curls. The curlier your hair the less able your natural oils are to make their way all the way to your ends. This leaves them gasping for moisture and suffering from frizz. Applying a deep conditioning masque on a regular basis will help to tame your mane.
  • Rinsing out your conditioner with cold water (and it’s good for you skin too).
  • Detangling your hair should be an in shower event. It’s kinder on your hair and your nerves.
  • After combing through and rinsing out your conditioner in the shower don’t comb your hair again. Use your fingers to help reform your curls instead – I cannot stress this point enough.
  • Sulphate and sodium chloride free shampoos and conditioners are a must otherwise you could be drying your hair out even more.
  • Invest in a micro-fibre towel for drying your hair and squeeze, don’t rub your hair to get rid of excess water.
  • Plopping your hair (wrapping it in a towel to dry) to help reduce the frizz (click this link to for a visual).
  • If you’re drying your hair with a diffuser, make sure to get your parting into position before you start, because once your hair is dry and you attempt to re-part your hair, you will end up creating unwanted frizz.
  • During the scrunch drying process move the diffuser as little as possible. Completely dry each section of your hair before moving on to the next section to dry. You are going to love the results!

Watch this space for my upcoming Facebook Live feed where I will go through some tried and true techniques and tips for enhancing those curls.

your hair, your life, your rules,

Neil Cleminson