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Introducing smoothe XT by bhave

Introducing smoothe XT by bhave

Has your wild hair got you feeling and roaring like a lion? Do you spend half your morning in front of the mirror with a straightening iron, only to spend the rest of the morning in mourning over a surprise rain shower that ruined all your hard work?

If you’ve ever found yourself being jealous of those with Rapunzel-like straight hair, we’ve got the magic potion for you (although it’s not quite a potion).

So throw down your straighteners, serums and special treatments, because this treatment will keep your hair looking straight, smooth and healthy for up to four months - even when it’s raining.

Everyone loved our in-salon smoothe plus keratin therapy treatment, so we decided to take it to the next level. We took a treatment that made your hair smoother, healthier, frizz-free, amplified it and BOOM bhave smoothe XT was born.

Nina's Salon, Chatswood

What is it?

If you’re on a quest for picture perfect, sleek locks with no curls or frizzy strands in sight, as well as long-term conditioning, protection and lustrous shine, this is exactly what you need. Created with our strongest formula yet, our smoothe XT treatment is designed to completely smooth and straighten the hair with no compromise so you can wave goodbye to any sign of frizz or misbhaving hair!

How is it different to Smoothe Plus?

While smooth XT makes your hair beautiful and manageable through intensive keratin therapy, just like the smoothe plus does - it’s a little bit different. Instead of using acetic/silk amino acid like the smoothe plus, bhave smoothe XT uses glycolic acid instead. Smoothe XT also allows you to wash and colour your hair the same day, (hallelujah!) no more waiting time... and that clarifying shampoo or pre-treatment prep has officially been made redundant. Simply walk in, then strut out (with smoother, straighter and healthier-looking hair).

Hair Emporium, Cheltenham

Who it’s NOT for

Before you get too excited and book in your appointment, hold up. This treatment isn’t for everyone.

If your hair is extremely damaged or you adore your voluminous curls and can’t stand the thought of saying goodbye to them for up to four months, we’d suggest opting for the more versatile smoothe plus treatment.

The smoothe XT is specifically for those wanting to temporarily divorce any waves or curl whatsoever, and does not fare well on very unhealthy hair, so babes with extreme damage, steer clear.

If you have hair - hair you wish was smoother and straighter, it’s time to stop wishing. Get your unruly mop of hair to your nearest bhave salon and start slaying with your new do.