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Is a keratin smoothing treatment right for your hair? Part 1

Is a keratin smoothing treatment right for your hair? Part 1

Does this sound like you?

  • You dread humid and rainy days because of what it does to your hair.
  • You avoid swimming because of your hair.
  • You suffer from a frizzy halo.
  • Your locks rule you rather than the other way around.
  • You struggle to blow-dry and straighten your hair but you have to.
  • You dream of being able to have your hair straight one day and wavy the next.
  • You dream of having more time in the morning.
  • Your hair has more volume than the Eifel Tower.
  • Your natural curls have curls.
  • Your wave looks more like a tsunami.

If you feel like you’re constantly waging war with your out of control, frizzy or unmanageable hair, then our keratin smoothing treatment may just be the secret weapon you’re looking for!

We get that unmanageable hair is a soul deflating, confidence zapping and time-consuming condition that wears you down because we suffer from the same hair stresses.

Keratin smoothing is a hair taming treatment NOT a straightening treatment. It will NOT restructure your hair unlike chemical straightening that breaks down the internal bonds causing long term hair damage. What it will do is bring your wild hair into line and enhance its body, movement and manageability while eliminating the dreaded frizz.


What hair types is it good for? If your hair has a lot of frizz or curls that have a mind of their own, or your hair generally tries to rule you then you are a perfect candidate for what our keratin smoothing treatment offers.

What hair types it is not for? If you want a dead straight wash and go result, this is not the right treatment for you.

NOTE: You may experience some flatness for a week or two after the keratin service. This is normal and your hair will bounce back.


If you love your colour that’s okay. For those who lighten their hair, we recommend the smoothing treatment after you’ve had your hair lightened. This is because bleach can strip the benefits of the keratin smoothing treatment from your hair at the same time it’s stripping your colour.

If you like to walk on the darker side of the colour chart then having your hair coloured 7-10 days after your smoothing therapy will avoid your colour lifting through the treatment and leaving you a shade lighter than what you’d hoped.

Stay tuned for our next blog post where we discuss what to expect when you book your keratin smoothe treatment.

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Neil Cleminson