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It’s time to blow you away: Our secrets to achieving the best blow-dry at home

It’s time to blow you away: Our secrets to achieving the best blow-dry at home

Contrary to what many may think, it’s possible to achieve a salon-standard blow-dry without stepping foot into a salon. There are many benefits to a DIY blow-dry including building up your muscle strength and looking absolutely fabulous. A good blow-dry can ward off bad hair days for up to 3-4 days. A style that’s both sexy and efficient? Sign us up!

We must admit that in a perfect world, our hairdresser would rock up on our door step every morning at 8:00am. But for most, a perfect world is not an everyday reality. Follow these tips and tricks to achieve a look that is sure to blow you away.

A great blowy begins in the shower

A good old pamper session often starts in the shower, and a good blowy is no exception. We suggest shampooing twice to give your head a deeper cleanse. When conditioning ensure that you rinse thoroughly as residue can cause havoc to your blow-dry.

This is no game of rough and tumble so be gentle with your hair and pat or squeeze it dry, rather than rubbing vigorously with a towel as this will stress the hair cuticle. You don’t want to anger the beast!

Apply the super nova all-in-1 elixir and leave-in crème to detangle, protect and nourish your hair and finish with riot control oil by evenly distributing it through your hair (don’t neglect your ends!) using a brush or wide tooth comb.

Tools you’ll need for your blow-dry

The pulling, the brushing and the heat all up in your grill, can make a “fresh from the salon” blow-dry seem impossible. Fortunately it doesn’t have to be that way, so before we send you on your way feeling like a true glamour goddess, there are a few tools you’ll need to get the job done…

♥  Shark clips

♥  Wide tooth comb

♥  Vent brush

♥  Round brushes

♥  Hairdryer

If you want to achieve volume or a fuller look add half a pump of the volumising foam . If you’re looking to achieve a sleek result, use the riot control oil and/or leave-in crème.

Blow drying your hair is an art that requires you to use the right hair dryer. Choose a dryer with a strength of between 1,600 – 2,000 watts and avoid purchasing a travel size or lower wattage hairdryer as it won’t achieve the best results (especially if you have thick, difficult-to-dry hair). If you really want to get to the root of the problem behind the perplexing blow-dry, you’ll need to invest in a good quality plastic dryer, as metal can be heavy and get very hot.

Expert tip: Always use a nozzle attachment that helps concentrate the air on a certain section. Always keep the nozzle pointed down the hair shaft, this helps the cuticle lay flat and minimises frizz.

Side note: Sleep on silk or satin pillow covers to minimise friction that can cause tangles or frizz.

How to get the most out of your blowy

1. Firstly, divide your hair into four sections and secure each section with a shark clip. The key is to work in small sections and use a round or oval brush that will allow you to create enough tension to give hair a smooth and polished finish. Work your way from the bottom up, alternatively, brush your hair into the style that you are going to wear it e.g. Part your hair and comb it into place.

2. Rough dry until your hair is approximately 80% dry. Begin at the front while your hair is still damp. * For volume – lean forward and hang your head down and aim the nozzle of the hairdryer onto your roots.

3. Avoid holding the nozzle directly on your hair as the extreme heat will cause damage. Instead, keep it moving to ensure you take care of your mane while achieving great results.

4. This isn’t a sprint, it’s more like a beautifying marathon, so don’t rush! Move your brush slowly from root to end.

5. Once you’ve finished your blow-dry, blast your hair with cool air as this will close the cuticle and protect the hair.

6. Lastly, smooth down your ends by applying fresh ends and riot control oil for added shine.

7. If your hair needs extra smoothing, pull out your straightening irons. Be sure not to hold it on the same section for too long as this will damage your hair. Ideally one or two passes are all you need.

Now that the secrets to the perfect blow-dry are in your hands, go forth and perfect your strands! Unlock your inner stylist and shape your tress into a knock-out blowy! After all, you know what they say – your hair, your life, your rules!