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Love is in the hair! How to ensure you have the perfect do for your special day

With all the energy that goes into planning a wedding, it’s easy to lose sight of what it’s all about—the hair of course! Perhaps one of the most daunting commitments for a bride-to-be is choosing the right hairstyle, so we’ve put together some tips & tricks to ensure your bridal barnet is looking its finest!


We’re not talking about the one you’re about to spend the rest of your life with, just the one you’ve got to wear for the day. Choosing the perfect “I do”do can be a difficult decision. Whether you envision a gorgeous up style, or soft flowing waves - the options are about as endless as the love you have for your other half (awww). So before settling on “the one”, consider these important factors:

Dress before the tress. You want to make sure that your hair is going to complement your dress. It’s important to have established what your dress is going to look like before picking a hairstyle. If you’re going to be sporting an extravagant gown with sparkly details, a simple and elegant up-do is going to set your look afire. If you’re planning to wear a simple dress, consider a more dramatic or styled hairstyle.

Think beautiful but achievable. Ensure that your hair length and volume is suitable for the style of your dreams. The last thing you want is to discover that you can’t pull it off as well as planned.

In sickness and in rain, hail or shine, take note of when your wedding is going to take place, in the cooler months or during a hot Summer? Beautiful cascading curls aren’t going to be a wise decision in soaring temperatures especially if you’re susceptible to the dreaded frizz. We suggest considering a tighter hairstyle if this is the case to keep your locks in check.

TIP – We recommend you don’t fight your natural hair texture. Rock what your mama gave you and add some gentle body and texture to naturally curly hair or smooth waves to straight hair. If your barnet is naturally wavy then we suggest some soft curls as the foundation for a half-up/half-down style.


A trial run will ensure your big day won’t be a big hairstyle boo-boo. Book in for a trial around 12 weeks before the big day and ensure that your session runs long enough to trial several hairstyles. Don’t be afraid to ask for extensions to help create a fuller look if that’s what your hair requires. Be sure to take pictures of each style from every angle so you’ve got something tangible to reflect on! The 12 week timeframe provides enough time to find and order hair accessories but not too long that you’re likely to change your mind about the style! Ensure that all the logistics of your chosen hairstyle have been considered, i.e. is your hair long and thick enough for the particular style? If not, have you considered hair extensions and will you have them in time? Also consider whether your hair texture and face shape is suitable for the look you want and knowing your hair better than anyone else, will it be likely to stay intact throughout the day?

TIP – Providing your hairstylist with reference shots of what you’re looking for will help avoid any miscommunications and misunderstandings. Be realistic and trust your stylist to adapt the style you love to suit both your hair type and face shape. Be sure to bring your veil or hair accessories or even better, book your hair trial in for the same day as your fitting to see the complete look.


Don’t forget that your groom-to-be fell in love with you for you - this factor ensures that drastic changes aren’t necessary! If you’re still wanting to mix up your colour or cut despite your partner’s perpetual affections, take the change for a trial run at least 6 months before the wedding. This will give you enough time to revert it back to its usual state if required. Bear in mind that your hair requires a little extra TLC in the lead up to your big day to ensure that you’re tying the knot in style. We suggest that you trim your ends a few months prior and invest in a little therapy, or use the deep intense conditioning masque at home to be certain you are flaunting a nourished, shiny and bouncy tress on your big day. Healthy, lustrous, frizz-free locks are the foundation for a flawless hairstyle, whether it’s up or down.

TIP – Your wedding day is all about looking like the very best version of yourself.If you’re a casual gal who rarely wears makeup, then your wedding day is not the time to break out your inner Kimmy K! Keep it natural, including your hair!


The nerves will be kicking in and the last thing you want is to be breaking into a sweat on your special day. Your glam squad should know how long re-creating your hairstyle is going to take, but make sure that no party under-estimates the timeframe required.

Ensure that your stylist uses products that are going to keep your texture under control without allowing your hair to go flat. You don’t want the two most important words of the day to be “oh no”!

With your hair complete, you’re ready to begin your journey down the aisle as the beautiful bride that you are and start the next chapter of your life (and remember who’s in charge of that!).

Your hair, your life, your rules!