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Love your hair and style it right


Suitable - fine hair


Pump up the volume and banish those oily roots with this power packed dust. Perfect between shampoos for adding fullness to limp locks too.

How to apply - Pump a small amount (less is more with styling powder so go slow) directly onto your roots and lift. No need to reapply as gunpowder can be reactivated with a quick scrunch.

Flex Paste

Suitable – all hair types


Unleash your wild side with our versatile styling paste. Boasting medium hold and maximum shine, this paste will not only allow you the flexibility of movement and hold, it will control waves and curls and you can rework it as often as the mood takes you.

Apply – Apply to dry hair for max texture or damp hair for a more natural finish.

Sleek Pomade

Suitable – all hair types


Let your personality shine through with edgy spikes or class it up with smoothed back chic. Sleek Pomade offers the strong-hold of a gel and the sleekness of wax and is perfect for any length of hair. It will add volume, thickness and texture for fine hair or some control for thick tresses.

Apply – Apply to dry hair for a more texturised, matte, natural finish or to damp hair for a wetter, shinier finish.

Leave-in Crème

Suitable - thick, dry, curly hairleave-in-creme-145ml

Manage your hair like a pro with our leave-in crème. Not only will this luxurious crème formulation soften, nourish and control your locks its thermal protective properties make it perfect for looking after your hair when using heated appliances. If you’re a swimmer applying leave-in crème before you take the plunge will help protect your hair from salt or chlorinated water damage.

Apply – Squeeze a small amount into the palm of your hand and apply evenly throughout damp hair. Style as desired. Can be applied to dry hair too.

Fresh Ends

Suitable - all hair types fresh-ends-new-tub-2016

Perfect finishing and soothing product for those who suffer split, brittle, dry or damaged ends. Adds shine and moisture without weighing your hair down.

Apply – Apply sparingly throughout the hair ensuring not to over apply. Best used on dry hair but can be used on towel-dried hair too.

Riot Control Oil

Suitable – all hair types, particularly thick, dry and grey hairbhave-riot-control-final-image

Lightweight hair taming oil that controls your frizz while adding sensational shine to your locks. High in essential fatty acids and organic argan oil which smoothes frizz and infuses moisture into dry and brittle hair. Perfect for grey haired goddesses too.

Apply – Pump a small amount into the palm of your hand. Work it evenly through your ends working slowly towards your roots.

Super Nova

Suitable – all hair types, particularly fine hair

Our star-powered all-in-one elixir does it all - restores, repairs, detangles, protects, bhave-supa-novanourishes, helps promote hair growth, helps thicken and strengthen brittle hair, soothes and balances your scalp and still has the energy to leave your hair soft, glossy and full of shine!

Apply – Spray on clean, towel-dried hair (a little goes a long way). Comb through gently starting at your ends and working your way up to your roots to help detangle. Style as desired. Can be used on its own or with other styling products.

Volumising Foam

Suitable – all hair types – particularly fine hair

Leave nightmare limp and lifeless hair behind with our body and volumising-foamvolume liquid to foam mouse. With its medium flexible hold and non-sticky feel, it is the perfect blow-drying and scrunch-drying styling product that will leave your hair feeling sublimely soft with a boost of volume.

Apply – Shake well, pump required amount (a little goes a long way) evenly to towel-dried hair. Apply the foam to your roots first and work it down the length of your hair making sure you comb through for even distribution before you dry and style.

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