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Make People Stare With Your 2017 Spring Carnival Hair

Make People Stare With Your 2017 Spring Carnival Hair

Our team at bhave can’t get enough of “Spring Flings” this year and nothing says “Spring Fling” more than the relationship a bhaver has with their Melbourne Spring Carnival outfit! - It’s our time to shine and five separate outfits are totally justifiable…right?

So you’ve got your race day tickets, the perfect outfit (or five! - we really can’t be the only ones surely?), but are you prepared to give good head come November? For some, all it takes is practice…. to create a rocking hair style to compliment their Spring Carnival outfit, but if you’re anything like us, the only thing that has crossed your mind so far is a prayer that your hair, by divine intervention, “bhaves” on the day. We’re sorry to disappoint bhave babes, but we’re not so sure that the hair gods will come to your rescue, so in true bhave fashion, it’s your hair, your life, your rules and the right time to start thinking about your 2017 Spring Carnival hair!


We’re hair crazy, but that doesn’t stop us from acknowledging how much your dress (or chosen outfit) plays a part in creating your Spring Carnival fashion statement. “Will you be in a marquee or on the lawn?” and “What will the weather be like?” are all questions you would’ve asked yourself when selecting your outfit - and it’s best to keep these in mind when deciding what hair style will compliment your chosen 2017 Spring Carnival outfit.

If your dress is simplistic, a stunning french braid or twist could completely steal the show, prepared with our supernova multipurpose super spray to reduce split ends and flyways keeping it in place all day between bets and *ahem* drinks and as a bonus it also protects your hair colour from damaging UV rays.

Do you prefer your outfit to do all the talking? A simple chic hair slick powered by a sleek pomade,will compliment any bold number or you can opt for a beautiful blow wave, tonged with a volumising foam to ensure your volume is extra LOUD, either way, all bets will be on you girlfriend, for best dressed!

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We’re a modest bunch, so really we just want to create a low-key look, with the ability to stop even the race horses in their tracks…that’s not too much to ask is it? Maybe we should aim higher?

Choosing the right hat or fascinator for your 2017 Spring Carnival outfit can make or break your fashion statement on race day so remember to embrace what feels right and let your individuality shine through! If you’re selecting the ever popular flower crown fascinator made popular by Instagram babes such as @kisforkani, then remember to keep your hair simple and allow your chosen Spring floral crown to speak the loudest. Preparing your roots with our gun powder texturising dust to ensure your hair doesn’t sit too flat under your fascinator’s weight will allow your wavy or straightened tresses to beautifully compliment your overall Spring Carnival style.

If you’re leaning more towards a traditional hat as an escape from the often stressful hair decisions on race day, think again bhave babes as your hair still needs to be rocking to compliment your chosen accessory. Take inspiration from @laura.henshaw’s hatted wavy balayage hair style paired with a double breasted blazer from last year’s Stake’s Day and let your mind run wild with the possible hairstyles you could pair with your Spring Carnival hat!

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You’ve got to WORK to give good head and boy does it take practice, but in the end it will always leave you s-a-t-i-s-f-i-e-d when you end up always finishing on top…of Vogue Australia’s 2017 Best Melbourne Spring Carnival outfits article! By beginning to use salon professional haircare products  and by asking your hairstylist for hair styling tips that suit your hair length and type you can be well on your way to crafting your very own Spring Carnival hairstyle yourself! If you’re like us and prefer to trust the professionals then we recommend booking a salon appointment STAT using our salon locator to ensure you secure a coveted Spring Carnival hair appointment before it’s too late! - remember to book a trial appointment so you’re 100% in love with your hairstyle come race day and don’t forget to bring along your chosen hat or fascinator to complete the look and give it a practice run when you get home.


No one wants to waste hours getting ready only to face premature deflating and frizz, so be sure to leave your hair alone the day of your Spring Carnival event as second day hair always performs best! By remembering your handbag must haves - a travel size riot oil and leave in crème to combat bad hair moments caused by the humidity of a marquee or the sun and wind custom to enjoying the day on the lawns - your hair is sure to perform better and last all day long! You can thank us later.


Spring Racing Carnival is all about expressing yourself through the opportunity to get dressed up and to showcase your individual fashion sense. Hair misbhaves for everyone, but by following this guide you can live by your own rules and attend the 2017 Spring Racing Carnival carefree and looking drop dead gorgeous - the mark of a true bhave babe!