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New Year...New Hair...New You!

New Year...New Hair...New You!

A New Year is the perfect time to take stock, make changes, start afresh or just enhance and appreciate what’s already there!

As we fast approach 2018 we start to think of all the opportunities that lay ahead… What goals we want to set for ourselves, whether it be health and fitness goals (which we may pick up for the first week of Jan and quickly forget the second week) or it could be a new beginning, time for a change and the possibility of a new you?

We all know that familiar feeling of having a fresh haircut and colour and how amazing it can make you feel so perhaps 2018 is the year that you really change things up and have fun with an exciting new look to keep you buzzing throughout 2018. After all, the new year brings the perfect opportunity to play with new hair trends.

Our Top Picks For 2018 Hairstyles

Curls: It’s time to embrace what your mama gave you and rock your natural curls!! With the help of our curl defining creme and a good hairdresser, anything is possible! Forget about straightening and heating your hair to achieve perfection, know that what you were blessed with is probably the envy of others without you even knowing it!

We often get caught up in one style that we think suits us better, when actually, the tress you were born with is probably your best look! Remember curly haired ladies, bigger is better, so have fun with your hair and let your natural side shine in 2018!


Bobs with bangs: Has your hair been the same length for God knows how long and have you always dreamed of going for the snip but just don’t have the balls? Well ladies, hate to tell you, but hair grows back and sometimes faster than you think so if you’re looking to make a change, now is the time!

Bobs never go out of style and there are so many ways to wear a bob that you’ll have fun experimenting over and over with your new look. If you’re really looking to shake things up, cut in some bangs with your bob for a full impact change!

Scared of going all the way too soon? Maybe it’s best you opt for a Lob (a long bob) which sits around shoulder length, this trend has been huge for a few years now and doesn’t seem to be going anywhere in 2018.


Pixie cuts: If you haven’t tried the pixie cut, you haven’t lived! Yes, it might be a huge change from a lob or long hair but it really is a game changer! You’re guaranteed to feel like a new woman especially with the bowl cut making a comeback. Yep, those old photos of your parents, siblings or yourself as a child are not going to haunt you like they used to, because like most things, hair trends recycle and this one is coming back with a twist! With the new-age pixie cut you can really dare to be different and show off your best feature, your beautiful face while being experimental with colour too!


Long hair: If you’ve read the above and are thinking, no way, I’ve been growing my hair for years and have only just got to the length I want, then we totally hear you and don’t expect you to go all out with major cut!

If you do have long hair, try experimenting with some texture and loose curls. Grab some of our gunpowder dust to help lift the roots and use some flex paste to create soft texture. It’s sexy, subtle and let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a few more inches?

Colour Tips For 2018

Now that we’ve established haircuts, it’s time to talk colour!! In 2017 we saw colour trending in a huge way with celebs like Selena Gomez going from dark hair to dirty blonde with dark roots, which we absolutely love. We also saw pops of vibrant colour and pastels which are only becoming more and more popular and don’t seem to be going anywhere in 2018.

Mixing and matching hair colour has never been so much fun and well, so accepted in society, so why not lap it up and try adding more colour to your life with bhave’s new innovative colour technology. bhave 180! You can now say sayonara to bleach baths and hello to beautiful vibrant colours in one sitting! 

credit - Glam Iris/Instagram

Next time you visit your bhave specialist, ask for peanut butter and jelly... sounds delicious right? Well, it is, this hair colour is deliciously stunning! This eye catching two-tone colour was one of the biggest looks on Instagram this year and we can see why. It’s playful and looks incredible no matter which way you style it. Say goodbye to bad hair days!

Not up for a root every other week? Go for translucent platinum with dark roots, these contrasting colours give depth and you don’t have to worry about re-growth! Who ever thought going platinum didn’t require a regular touch up? Not to mention it’s a healthier option for your hair.

credit @mizzchoi

If you prefer to live on the dark side, you can still make a change that will make you feel brand new! Try mixing your natural colour with a shade just a touch lighter, it’s what we call a reverse ombre and it’s a great option if you like keeping it subtle.

At the end of the day we say, it’s all about trying something you haven’t done before to empower yourself in 2018. If hair isn’t your thing or you’re just happy with what you have, maybe try something else... Learn to meditate, start a new exercise or just be grateful for all the things you have in life! It really is up to you! Because as you know our motto by now, it’s your hair, your life and your rules!

Our blog and newsletter will be back in mid Jan 2018 after a much needed break to recharge so until then we wish all of our bhave babes a very Happy and healthy New Year with beautiful hair.