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Oily hair don't care...said no girl ever!

Oily hair don't care...said no girl ever!

We’re all familiar with the scenario; wash hair, dry hair, feel frustrated with the unclean appearance of hair, wash hair. Repeat.

No matter how hard you try to avoid it, your hair always winds up feeling like it belongs in a McDonald’s Happy Meal, more than it does to your head. How can hair get oilier from trying to keep it clean? Here’s the thing you (probably) didn’t know: the solution, is also the problem.

We all enjoy the confidence that comes with freshly-washed locks, but washing your hair everyday is actually counter-productive to the very issue you’re trying to combat.

Over-washing your hair strips the scalp of it’s natural oils. Your scalp is a very intuitive part of the body - it produces an oil called sebum which is responsible for providing moisture and forming a protective barrier.

Simply put, a shampoo addiction often sparks your scalp to recognise a lack of natural oils, and as a result it starts to pump it out like crazy.

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This is one detox that doesn’t affect your chocolate/alcohol consumption. What your hair needs, is a bit of good old training. We don’t expect you to go cold turkey, but the key is to space your washes out. The first few weeks of your hair training regime may be difficult, but our hair guru Neil, highlights the reasons you may want to re-think your regular washing routine.

  1. Enjoy richer colour for longer. Washing your hair everyday can result in colour fading quickly. Needless to say, less trips to the salon, could mean more trips to the mall (if you know what we mean ;)
  1. Your hair will be shiner. The type of shine you won’t want to banish! Once your scalp has achieved some equilibrium, you’ll be enjoying a healthy glow to your locks.
  1. Your hair is less likely to split up with you - We could all do with fewer split ends in our lives! Cutting down on the use of heating appliances is likely to improve the state of those misbhaving ends.
  1. Save your money. Who knew your hair regime could make for such a financially strategic decision! Using less shampoo and conditioner is going to make a positive impact in your bank account.
  1. Dirty hair is easier to style - Have you seen the red carpet lately!?


We couldn’t bring ourselves to add it to advantage number 6, but just for the record - less time spent washing hair in the shower allows more room for activities!

So now you know the why, let’s get straight to the how.

Day 1 - Shampoo! Enjoy some “me” time in the shower to contemplate life, the week ahead and what you’ll be having for dinner. We find hair-washing time to be very useful indeed!

Day 2 - Apply dry shampoo to your roots. The bhave gunpowder dust can be used as a dry shampoo, apply sparingly to your roots to keep the oil at bay.

Day 3 - Get creative with this season’s braids or a low/high ponytail. Step outside your comfort zone and rock a wet-look ponytail. Pulling your hair back is the perfect road-block to running your fingers through your hair (notorious for it’s role within the oil production crew). Use bhave flex styling paste or the sleek pomade for a stronger hold. Dirty hair is actually the queen of versatility!

Day 4 - Rinse your hair with water and pour a bit of apple cider vinegar to help restore the pH balance of your hair, eliminating oil buildup.

Day 5 - Shampoo again, you can really enjoy it this time. You and your locks have earned it.

Thank the hair gods from above, because it really is that simple. Repeat the above process for a few weeks until you begin to notice that your hair is feeling less greasy, and more like the crown of your visual presence! You’ll also be doing the Greens a favour, fewer washes means a more eco-friendly routine. Embrace your shampoo detox because after while, damn - it feels good!

Styling products - July 2015


Avoid washing in hot water - Baby it’s cold outside, and I want a bloody hot shower. There's nothing quite like a steaming hot wash after a long day, we know…but if you can help it, try to avoid washing your hair with hot water. It’s a common misconception that hot water and vigorous scrubbing will minimise greasy hair - it’s quite the reverse, as this will only increase your hair’s oil production. Your best bet to target oily roots is to use warm water and gently massage the scalp with a cleansing shampoo.

Just wash your fringe/bangs - If you’ve got a fringe or short layers around your face, you could just shampoo over the bathroom sink, put the rest of your hair up in a pony tail.

Dry shampoo - Dry shampoo will be your best-friend! As mentioned on day 2 of your shampoo detox, apply the gunpowder dust. Kill two birds with one stone and rock a sexy just-got-out-of-bed look AND conquer the illusion of clean hair.

Avoid brushing too frequently - Try to avoid brushing your hair everyday as this action alone can often stimulate oil production.

Pressing pause on daily washes means that you can enjoy shinier hair, a moisturised scalp and less split ends!

As the saying goes, old habits die hard, and are often enduring, even when we're most determined to change them. However, it is CRUCIAL to remember that this is YOUR hair, YOUR life and YOUR rules! You're the boss!