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Our Top 5 Hair Trends

Our Top 5 Hair Trends

What kind of hair obsessed tribe would we be if we didn’t dedicate a blog to the hair trends we are loving and living for right now? We’ve stopped our obsessive Pinterest pinning of daily hair inspo (temporarily of course) to share our current 5 hair style obsessions.


One of the biggest trends we have fallen head over heels for is wispy bangs, also known as curtain bangs, which has been sported by many throughout the year. The wisps of Selena Gomez, Hailey Baldwin and Taylor Swift got us obsessed!

What is the wispy bang you ask? The wispy bang is just that, light and feathery, and a great alternative to the traditional blunt cut fringe that we all admittedly rocked in the 2000’s. The wispy bang look is a super low commitment and emulates the look of a grown-out fringe, purposely made to look not so perfect!

This fringe is super low maintenance, but to perfect the wispy bang we recommend using magnify shampooconditioner, as its lightweight formula will give body and life to those wisps without weighing them down, and volumising foam to create the ideal lift and hold for this style!

image - - Getty / Anthony Harvey


This look threw a massive spanner into our approach of hair styling; who knew you could side step around the hot tools and still look fierce?!

The wet hair style was rocked by the likes of Jennifer Lawrence and Selena Gomez throughout the year, officially putting the wet hair look up there in the high fashion, haute couture, ‘that’s fancy’ category.

DISCLAIMER: unfortunately, the wet look trend does take quite a bit of product to be styled to perfection. So, before you just step out of the shower and throw on your best dress for your next event or night out, know that unless you plan to dunk your head under the tap every couple of hours, and don’t mind the river flowing down your back, the style just won’t last. Best to enlist your stylist for this one!

*If you’re game for giving it a go, apply copious amounts of our strong hold sleek pomade.

image via @selenagomez


Accessories are back in… did they ever really leave? Ribbons, scarves, headbands, beret’s and scrunchies (YES, SCRUNCHIES ARE BACK!) are a great way to instantly add colour, personality and style to your look.

Hair accessories got their first big revival when Blair Waldorf made headbands the symbol of elite female power and sophistication in Gossip Girl, and dare we say it but an even bigger revival to hair accessories is happening now. Silk scarves are no longer just for your neck, wrap that beauty around your messy bun and go from lazy days at home to street style shots in Vogue!

What we can say with 100% certainty is that our ponytails will never be the same again.

image via


Braids have been around for what seems like forever but their forms are always changing and their styles are endless.Although braids can often be associated with lazy hair days, or our younger school years, we are constantly seeing fresh reinterpretations that have us in love!

To get your braid to hair envy status first make sure the base is strong, that means looking after those locks with a nourishing and protecting shampooconditioner. Before braiding, prep your hair with sleek pomade to provide some grip and control those pesky flyaways, eliminating any frizz and adding incredible shine! 

image via pinterest


We spy with our little eye a trend emerging from their 90’s ashes… the bob is back! 2018 is becoming officially the year of the chop, with more and more taking the ultimate leap and opting for a power chop.

To name a few - Selena Gomez, Kylie Jenner, Vanessa Hudgens, Saoirse Ronan, Margot Robbie, Dua Lipa, Sarah Paulson and Hailey Baldwin (is that just a few?). These beauties are all rocking the chin length, off the shoulder bob and we are loving it!

Now when we say short we mean short! The LOB days are gone, so think more of a chin length, with a little flick, tousle and volume. More often than not this look can also be seen sported with the wispy fringe, which is a great duo!

The big pros of this look are that it’s quick and easy to wash, blow dry and style! A good shampooconditioner will again be your bff’s for this look, creating natural body without weighing down your tresses. For a textured look opt for gunpowder dust and flex styling paste, then scrunch and tousle away! For a sleeker style arm yourself with sleek pomade and riot control oil. The perfect duo to smooth and perfect, whilst serving natural body and ultimate style. Ladies with fine natural waves take note, volumising foam will provide perfect texture and hold to rock this style. Thicker/coarser hair will love the curl defining crème or flex styling paste

image Martinez

Well it’s back to the Pinterest inspo deep dive for us, but if you’re ever looking for trends we’re obsessing over, or some hair inspo for your look, trust us when we say we’ve done the hard work for you… all your hair inspo needs right here.

bhave xx