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Random Acts of Kindness Day

Random Acts of Kindness Day

How many good deeds did you do today? Maybe you helped an elderly person cross the street or pick up a five dollar note that escaped the hands of a quivering eskimo. Didn’t do anything at all? Well, you can redeem yourself on 17 February for Random Acts of Kindness Day!

Random Acts of Kindness originated from our friends across the ditch in New Zealand and was created to encourage everyone to make kindness effortless and have selfless acts be the norm.

While we absolutely love the idea of Random Acts of Kindness Day, we believe that every day should be filled with acts that bring joy to people, whether you know them or not. Whether you pay for someone’s groceries, donate to your favourite charity or knock on your neighbours door to give them a sample of your freshly baked treats (don’t forget us!), you’ll make a world of difference to their day.

But…(there’s always a but!) while you’re busy looking after someone else and contributing to making the world a better place, who’s looking after you?

Us bhave babes know how to take matters into our own hands - and we all know how important it is to look after yourself before helping others. Need a little inspiration? Read below, beauties!

Psst…we’ve also got a little something up our sleeves, so be sure to read right until the end.

First thing’s first, get your bathroom prepped for your pamper sesh with a beautiful candle. We absolutely love Glasshouse candles because they have an amazing range and they smell divine! In fact, while you’re at it, pour yourself a glass of Pinot Noir - we won’t tell anyone, promise!

Alright, get ready - we’re about to give you (and your locks!) a few tips on treating your hair with kindness using products that have nutritive-rich, active ingredients that are lovingly made by yours truly.

Let’s start with the good stuff first! Spoil yourself by lathering your locks with our deep intense conditioning masque to inject a shot of moisture into your tresses.

Fighting frizz? Introduce some shine into your life with riot control oil. Need to level it up? Too easy. You can do so by using it paired with leave-in crème to help soften, nourish and control your unmanageable mane.

If fly-aways are your pet peeve, you can eradicate them with fresh ends, it’ll help you take control of those pesky buggers without weighing down your hair.

Now, if you want to spread the hair love, we’ve got the perfect treat for you and your RAOK recipient - an in-salon rescue therapy treatment. My oh my - where do we start with this one? Think of it as a prevention + cure package rolled into one.

The rescue therapy treatment is packed with all natural bioactive keratin which is designed to successfully reverse damage by rebuilding your strands and restore their strength, elasticity and shine.

Now, time to for us to give a little something to someone. What has been the best Random Act of Kindness that you’ve ever witnessed? Let us know by dropping us a note at and we’ll publish it in an upcoming blog and to say thanks for spreading the love we’re going to give our favourite RAOK moment submission a deep intense conditioning masque!

In the words of the beautiful Ellen Degeneres - be kind to one another.