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Rescue Therapy - Will It Really Save My Hair?

Rescue Therapy - Will It Really Save My Hair?

Flat irons, curling irons, blow dryers, bleach, hair dye… we know they don’t do our locks any good but we take the risk anyway for that temporary hair glory! Eventually the constant exposure to these elements can leave our tresses looking damaged, and overrun with split ends, frizz and breakage. ‘Fried’ if you will… and not the golden crispy kind that we usually love!

Exposure to the elements and our love of hot tool hair styling can leave our hair dry, brittle and unable to hold that style we just worked over an hour on! If your hair looks or misbhaves like this it is in need of some urgent TLC!

Before you give up and think there’s no possible way of restoring your locks without the chop, let us introduce to you our signature rescue therapy treatment which not only turns back the time on those tired tresses, but is formulated to specifically repair, renew and protect excessively damaged hair, leaving it shiny, bouncy and healthy.

Rescue therapy contains a 100% natural ingredient known as bioactive keratin which is derived from the wool of New Zealand sheep*. Why sheep you say? Because the keratin found in this wool is almost identical as the keratin in our hair which makes it ideal for repairing the damaged keratin in our locks! Genius, right?!

Rescue therapy works by penetrating deep into the open cuticle of damaged hair and binds to the internal structure, rebuilding the damaged proteins and restoring strength and condition to your locks. In a nutshell, each and every strand of your hair from the inside out will be deeply nourished, rather than just being superficially coated at the surface for a temporary fix. 


The rescue therapy can also be added to your colour service to protect and nourish your locks while enriching your colour too! Make sure you ask your hairdresser to add it into your next colour service and experience the luscious difference for yourself tribe!

Continuing that TLC at home is just as important to keeping your locks strong, nourished and protected, and the rescue family extends from the salon into your home with the award-winning rescue shampooconditioner. This power duo is also enriched with bioactive keratin and together they work to restore elasticity, rebuild hairs integrity, provide a protective shield against future damage, and create enviable shine!

With a whole family here ready to rescue your locks, we will have your hair bhave-ing in no time!

bhave xx

* Since the purest keratin comes from sheep’s wool, the best sheep to use would be in New Zealand with its clean, open field, pasture fed sheep farming practices. The wool is clipped during spring so that the sheep don’t have a full fleece during the long, hot summer. The wool is removed using electronic clippers, exactly the same as getting a haircut. Following their haircut, the sheep return to the fields to continue grazing and raising their young.