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Salon Spotlight - Gem Hair, Makeup & Tanning

Salon Spotlight - Gem Hair, Makeup & Tanning

If you are living in or around Armadale we hope you've had the opportunity to experience the divine Gem Hair, Makeup & Tanning, however, if you haven't let us introduce you to the talented and creative crew lead by the gorgeous Grace Mavis.


share a little of what you love about your salon

The definition of gem is a precious stone that has been cut and polished to perfection. This is the philosophy of our girl gang of hair and makeup stylists at Gem.

your fave bhave products and why?

Leave-in creme because it takes the frizziest hair to silky perfection when you blow wave. We actually cut the tube open to get every last drop out!

share your best hair tip

When securing a heavy hair piece, fascinator or veil create an anchor with an elastic band to secure comb into place.

the wildest hair request you've ever had or your favourite creative work challenge

Our principal stylist Cristin once had her hair shaved on one side with a soccer ball razored into it!

how do you handle bad hair days?

Messy bun always!

your 3 must haves

Dry shampoo, mascara, white wine

favourite quote

"The secret of having it all is believing you already do."

where do you find your inspiration?

Instagram - you can check out Gem's Instagram inspiration and creations here.

So next time you are around Armadale and you're looking for a fabulous hair experience why not give the girls at Gem a call. Click through here for all their details. As you can see below their salon is serene and inviting.


your hair, your life, your rules