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Salon Spotlight - Margit Aaron Studio

Salon Spotlight - Margit Aaron Studio

Today's salon spotlight flies across the seas to the stunning Margit Aaron Studio in the heart of Los Angeles. 

Share a little of what you love about your salon

My salon has 4 chairs for cutting/styling, 3 color chairs in our color room, allowing our guests to enjoy color/chemical services without having to look into mirrors, it also allows us to double book. Our shampoo spa is in a dimly lit room with spa music and hot towels for the neck with essential oils. Our lobby has only two chairs because we don't encourage waiting. Our lobby also has our retail bhave and images that inspire change and healthy hair.

Your fave bhave products and why?

My fave bhave products are the ones that are prescribed for each individual guest because I know they will be successful everyday and that makes us both very happy. But I cannot live without Rescue!!!

Share your best hair tip:

Cut without color is not complete and vis-versa Learn to embrace your texture with the best bhave prescription and coaching in proper tools and techniques from your stylist. Lately because of the trend in silver/gray hair in young people, I am getting requests from new potential older guests to let their gray come in.

The wildest hair request you've ever had:

Now, that's not necessarily a wild request, but after 23 years as a colorist, having women who have been box coloring their hair for 20 years and they ask for some highlights to match the gray and they have a limited budget, ok, really??? Cut it!!!

How you handle bad hair days?

I have naturally soft wavy hair so it can get fuzzy, I am athletic so the dry shampoo trend doesn't work so well, I will blow dry it straight day 1, day 2 I will brush it out, still straight and spray Super Nova on it dry and diffuse, I get the best waves that way!

Your 3 must haves

Hair Elastics, Super Nova and Protein Shakes

Favourite quote or song lyric:

"Your Story Matters"

Where do you find your inspiration?

I think God created so much for our senses, I'm inspired by...

  • Goodness in people
  • Textiles
  • Architecture
  • Nature, rocks, flowers, animals, water, fire, metal

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Your hair, your life, your rules!