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Salon Spotlight - Rakis on Collins

Salon Spotlight - Rakis on Collins

Today’s salon spotlight sparkles on and the incredible crew at Rakis on Collins, a premier hair salon right in the heart of Melbourne city. Their outstanding service and style has won them over 100 awards in their 33-year history – we couldn’t be prouder!

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share a little of what you love about your salon:

I love my salon because it feels like a little exclusive community, its tucked up and away from the busy roads of the city, so the privacy side of things is wonderful. As a team, we work hard collectively and we enjoy each others company which I think really shows, I feel so blessed to be apart of a team where it feels like I'm working with my friends. Apart from the aesthetics of our salon, we are so lucky to have such a diverse range of clients who keep us busy.

your fave bhave products and why?

My 1st favourite bhave product would have the be the bombshell blonde shampoo, one of the best blonde shampoos I've come across, as a blonde myself, it ticks all the boxes, and it leaves your hair feeling so shiny, toned and clarified, its a must have!

A close second would have to be the deep intense conditioning masque, unbelievably nourishing that leaves the hair feeling hydrated and silky, and considering the price, we are going nuts over it.

share your best hair tip:

If you're wanting the most nourishment from the deep intense conditioning masque, shampoo twice like normal, jump out of the shower and towel dry quite well, apply masque to mid lengths and ends and leave for 20 minutes,whilst that sits, paint your nails, shape your eyebrows, shave your legs (anything to fill the time) then hop back in the shower and rinse thoroughly, your hair will be so thankful.

favourite work challenge?

One of my favourite creative work challenges was when I worked for the Australian ballet school in a showcase for a charity ball. I helped create a range of messy and dishevelled hairstyles that were all completely different to each other and were a range of up styles and down styles that had to contrast the simplicity of their costumes. Although it was quite challenging trying to think of so many concepts the end results were impressive as a collective.

how do you handle bad hair days?

With bhave we don't have bad hair days. Just in case of emergency; braids, always braids.

your 3 must haves?

A smile, A positive mentality, A love for life

favourite quote?

'Live and let live.'

where do you find your inspiration?

Social media has a big influence over my work, we are so lucky that we can connect and view things from all over the world and from all walks of life, we can gather inspiration from anyone who wants to share with us.

If you want more Rakis on Collins inspiration, visit their Facebook page or their website.

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