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Say "OH YES" To The Perfect Dress

Say "OH YES" To The Perfect Dress

It’s an exciting time, your night of nights, and you know everyone will be talking about it for months! Who had the best gown? How beautiful did everyone look? Whose blowy had you begging for more… answers like “where did she get it done? Who was the miracle worker?” Not to mention the social media influx of formal pics! You’re going to want to make your new profile pic a formal photo stat! So, here are our hacks to get you formal fashion ready for 2017.

It’s all about the dress, the makeup and the hair

Whether your formal is this year or next year, it’s never too early or too late to start planning and we’re here to help you get it right!

Do you want the good news or the bad news first?

The good news is that formals are one of the best nights of the year and the bad news is, your chances of looking like Cinderella at the ball is greater than ever with all the gorgeous choices in fashion, make-up and hairstyles you can choose from. Where to start?


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Do you prefer long or short and what suits your body shape best? We suggest trying on a variety of styles and taking photos so you can look back at them and compare which suits you best and makes you feel good.

bhave TIP: consider renting a dress! There are so many websites, like Glam Corner, that offer the latest designer pieces which will have everyone green with envy and not to mention your pockets, or should we say purse, will thank you later.

Now that you have your dress sorted, it’s time to decide on which hairstyle will compliment it best. Are you going for an up-do or do you prefer your hair to be loose? Either way the best way to get your hair ready for your special night is to use our supernova regularly so it’s shiny and strong by the time the big day arrives.

If your dress is loud, bold and does all the talking, opt for a simple slick look using our sleek pomade which will help keep your hair in place all night long.

If you have a more simple understated dress, you can go for a natural wavy look and let your hair be the stand out for the night. 2017 is all about body so be sure to pump up the volume with our volumising foam when you wash your hair the night before.

Nothing screams bad head more than panda eyes and lips overlined more than Kylie Jenner so be sure to choose a make- up look that says ‘you’ and not an unrecognisable version of you. Play on your best feature and use inspo photos of your favourite looks as a reference when creating your look or to show to your MUA on the day.

It’s all in the detail! The little ad-ons such as your shoes, clutch, nail colour and tan, can make or break your look so be sure to choose wisely and plan ahead.

bhave TIP : Be sure to trial various self tanners and nail colours with your overall look so you don’t end up looking like an oompa loompa on the day who went a little OTT on #TanThursdays.


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If you’re good with your hands and like doing it yourself we suggest using something to get you going. Our range of professional styling products will ensure you get the job done on your own. If that doesn’t go to plan and you’re like the rest of us, we suggest booking in with a salon and getting your hair and makeup done by a pro!

Be sure to book in for a trial before the event to eliminate any surprises on the day! Having a trial will allow you to get a feel for the style you’re going for and will allow you to take it for a test drive before the big day. Be honest with your stylist and MUA and make sure you have reference images saved on your phone so they know exactly what you’re after.

When you get home, get into your outfit (accessories and all) and take bunch of photos to make sure you’re 100% happy with your overall look.

bhave TIP: Choose a hairstyle that compliments your dress, personality, individual style and make sure it’s easy to maintain throughout the night. If wearing your hair loose, keep a travel sized riot oil or leave-in creme in your handbag for a quick touch up between the formal and after party.

Remember, it's your hair, your life, your rules! HAVE FUN!