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Smoothe vs Rescue - we’ve got your locks covered

Smoothe vs Rescue - we’ve got your locks covered

Deciding what’s best for you is one thing, but deciding on behalf of your hair is another! Sometimes our hair throws curveballs our way, and we’re not quite sure what the remedy is. Deciding what’s best for your hair is a decision that you don’t have to make alone! We’ve mastered the language of hair at bhave and we’re here to decode the ins and outs of our keratin smoothing therapy and our formidable rescue therapy.

Smoothe Operator

Before we get stuck into it, ask yourself the following:

  1. Does your hair hate rain and humidity?
  2. Do you avoid swimming even though you’d love nothing more than to take the plunge?
  3. Do you suffer from a frizzy halo?
  4. Do you struggle with unmanageable, boofy looking locks?
  5. Does it take you forever to blow-dry your hair and additional time to smooth it down with straightening irons after your blow-dry work out?
  6. Do you want the versatility of enjoying the best of both worlds? Straight one day and wavy the next?

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, then the bhave smoothing keratin therapy is your ticket to streamlining your beauty routine.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again - frizz is not easy to manage! A solid hair care routine can improve the situation, but sometimes our tresses call for a little help from the pros.

The bhave smoothing keratin therapy will drive your misbhaving strands into manageable, shiny and frizz-free locks. Unlike abrasive and damaging straightening services, our keratin therapy doesn’t restructure the hair, allowing you to keep your gorgeous waves and curls intact and frizz free.

This treatment will assist with your daily routine and allow you to enjoy a little more time in bed by reducing your styling/drying time by up to 75%. Applying heat will further activate all that keratin goodness, so depending on your hair type and texture, you may adopt a “wash ’n go” technique, or you may need to apply some heat with your hairdryer to achieve smooth, lustrous locks.

We recommend having a thorough consultation with your stylist and getting a few quotes before committing. Prices vary from salon to salon, starting at AU$250 upwards depending on the length and thickness of your hair. The duration of the treatment often varies between 2-4 hours (we recommend bringing along a good book!).

Click here for what to expect when you’re expecting to be smoothed in the salon.

TIP – Ask your stylist for aftercare information, alternatively refer to our website or check out our blog on aftercare.


Dried, fried and dyed? It’s time to be rescued.

How do you know if you’re in need of rescuing? Take our simple questionnaire below!

  1. Are you experiencing excessive split ends or breakage?
  2. Does your hair feel severely dry and rough?
  3. Is your hair dull?
  4. Does your hair snap off?
  5. Does your hair struggle to hold a style?
  6. Do you highlight/bleach your hair often?
  7. Do you use chemical straightening treatments?
  8. Do you regularly use heat appliances such as hairdryers and straightening/curling irons?
  9. Do you spend hours in the sun, sea or chlorinated pool.

If you’ve answered YES to any of the above, then bhave rescue is your go-to therapy to reclaim shiny, bouncy, healthy hair.

Most of us are no strangers to damaged hair. Every time we subject our hair to heated styling tools or chemically infused products, damage occurs to both the surface of the hair shaft and the deeper structure within. The good news is that hair damage is no longer an affair of despair, it can be both prevented and reversed with the bhave rescue therapy.

This revolutionary therapy has been devised to offer a “no scissors” alternative to help restore, repair and protect damaged hair. Loaded with a 100% naturally derived bioactive keratin, the bhave rescue therapy can also be applied to your highlights to add a stunning shine to your colour. It’s prevention and cure all in one. Prices range from AU$40 - AU$65 per treatment and normally include a beautiful blow-dry too.

In terms of what to expect at the salon, you can take comfort in knowing that the rescue treatment is a straight forward process. Your hair is shampooed and towel dried before the rescue therapy is applied and covered with a plastic cap or cling film. Things will start to heat up a little as you sit under a clymazone (AKA heater) for roughly 20 minutes. Your hair is then rinsed, conditioned and blow-dried. Voila - you’ve reached a shiny, smooth and soft status!

We recommend ALWAYS using the bhave shampoos and conditioners to extend the lifespan of your treatment (both smoothe and rescue) to help continue nourishing your hair beyond your trip to the salon . Our products contain a patented fully bio-active keratin and are free from sodium chloride (used in many shampoos) which is vital to the longevity of your treatment as sodium chloride will strip your hair of the treatment.

Whether you choose to convert to a smooth operator, or embark on your very own rescue mission, you can rejoice because there is a treatment for you!

Let’s take your hair to the next level because this is your hair, your life, your rules!